Chocolate is one of the best gifts a person can receive - at least we think so! 

But what chocolate gift to gift can be a difficult decision, we have made a list of chocolate bars to gift for different occasions and the type of person who might enjoy the recommended bar.  

Chocolate Bar Gifts

Best Chocolate Bars for Gifting

Blanxart Congo Eco-Organic 82%

There has got to be a law against chocolate being this good. Intense smoke and coffee flavor permeate the palate leaving its delectable mark on the unwary taste-traveler.

Tasting notes: Smokey & Coffee

A chocolate gift perfect for: This chocolate bar is for someone who enjoys rich dark chocolate. Especially if they are the type to pair their chocolate with a warm cup of coffee.

Blanxart Congo Eco-Organic 82%

Dick Taylor Brown Butter with Nibs & Sea Salt 73%

This chocolate bar is a deliciously rich bar that simply sings! With cacao from Akesson Plantation of Madagascar, Fazenda Camboa of Brazil, and organic cane sugar from Brazil, they craft their 73% Northerner Blend. The chocolate is combined with browned butter from local Rumiano Family creamery to create an ultra-creamy foundation for crunchy roasted cacao nibs and delicate sea salt.

Tasting Notes: Nutty, Tangy, Caramel 

A chocolate gift perfect for: This chocolate bar is perfect for someone who enjoys dark chocolate with a bit of a crunch and wants some flavor in their dark chocolate.

Dick Taylor Brown Butter with Nibs & Sea Salt 73%

Goodio Nordic Flavors, Kukka (Flower) 69%

Kukka (flower) is a bar of chocolate topped with flower petals and rose crystals. The smooth and snappy chocolate has geraniums, roses, and cornflowers on top of it along with birch sugar.

Tasting notes: Floral

A chocolate gift perfect for: If you are surprising someone with flowers and chocolate, include the flowers in the chocolate, more specifically nordic flowers. A chocolate bar best suited for Mother's Day.

Goodio Nordic Flavors, Kukka (Flower) 69%

OmNom Love Collection

We cheated here, we couldn't decide which of the two OmNom bars we wanted to include on our list, we decided to include their Love Collection.

OmNom's delicious Love Collection draws inspiration from Icelandic festive traditions. The set includes two chocolate bars that have a very special place in their hearts:

Golden-hued toffee chocolate whose key components are barley malt, Icelandic milk, and sea salt. Nostalgically reminiscent of sweet and salty toffee biscuits.

Caramelized licorice chocolate sets the stage for tart raspberries and sea salt in this bright fuchsia bar, topped with additional dried raspberries.

A chocolate gift perfect for: This yells Valentine's Day, if you are shopping for Valentine's Day chocolate or another romantic occasion, look no further than this beautiful combo. 

OmNom Love Collection

Amano Raspberry Rose 55%

Amano chocolate got its start finding some of the most amazing beans around the world and bringing out their natural flavors. Now with the same care and passion, they brought to single-origin chocolate their offering amazing chocolate bars with added natural flavors. As with their single-origin bars the focus is to be as true to the ingredients as possible. Here you will encounter not just the famous flavors of their dark chocolate made with Ecuadorian beans. You'll also find raspberries and rose petals ground and smoothly mixed with chocolate. Small bits of sugar crystals give a satisfying crunch in your mouth.

Tasting notes: Fruity

A chocolate gift perfect for: Another chocolate bar that makes a great gift for Valentine's Day or other romantic occasions. Chocolate, fruit, and flowers, yum!

Amano Raspberry Rose 55%

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February 10, 2022