Craft Chocolate Bars To Try For Halloween

Craft Chocolate makers are always testing the boundaries of our taste buds. Rare organic rose essential oil, 7 spice mix, orange peel, burnt barley, bacon bits.

I mean what won't craft chocolate makers think of including in chocolate bars? 

That's why we love their delicious work, they test and challenge us.

For Halloween, instead of eating a commercial Hershey's chocolate bar, why not try one of these delicious inclusion bars by craft chocolate makers.

Here are 9 craft chocolate bars that we think you need to try for Halloween, be aware, these bars might scare your taste buds away. 

Sweetness Chocolate Co The Middle 68%

Michèle Bowman loves to create new and exciting bars in her chocolate shop. This chocolate bar is inspired by the Lebanese 7 spice mix, the bar bursts with flavor. When eating this bar your mouth will experience fireworks, with flavors lingering after each bite. It is one of the most flavorful bars we have tried.

Tasting notes: Cinnamon, Ginger, & Spice

Sweetness Chocolate Co The Middle 68% was featured in our October 2019 Craft Chocolate Subscription Box.

Sweetness Chocolate Co

Rococo Big Smoke Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar

Something for the more sophisticated palate. The Big Smoke Artisan Bar is made with 65% cacao dark chocolate and fine Lapsang Souchong tea. With background notes of resin, paprika and peaty Islay whiskies to accompany the wood-smoked tea. Deep and smokey flavours, perfect for sitting by the fire after dinner with a whisky in hand.

Tasting notes: PaprikaWhisky & Smokey

Rococo Big Smoke Dark Chocolate Artisan Bar

Omnom – Black N Burnt Barley

Omnoms Black N Burnt Barley is one of the most anticipated chocolate bars because its the worlds first black chocolate bar made with white chocolate

This bar is a reflection of Omnom's pride in their Icelandic heritage, and their love of a good beer. The bar was originally set to be white chocolate with the inclusion of malt and crunchy cocoa nibs but after experimenting with toasted barley, almost burnt, something new came about, the Black N Burnt Barley bar.

This bar uses three main ingredients, Burnt Barley which is used in stout beer, Lava Salt from Iceland and Popped Barley which is sprinkled on top of the bar. 

Taste notes: Coffee, Malt & Burnt Toast

Omnom – Black N Burnt Barley

Askinosie Dark Chocolate + Orange Bar

Imagine a candied orange peel, dipped in chocolate. Now imagine it in bar form and you’ve got the new Askinosies chocolate bar.

Featuring 58% dark chocolate made with cacao beans they sourced directly from the Philippines, this classic bar features notes of fudge, tart citrus, and vanilla sweetness.

Taste notes: Fudge, Tart Citrus & Vanilla Sweetness.

Askinosie Dark Chocolate + Orange Bar

Zotter Monster Chocolate

With a name like Monster Chocolate, we had to add this to the list. It might look scary but tastes great.

It has a fruity-pink raspberry ganache, its juicy berry flavour and stunning colour derived entirely from natural raspberries.

Very fruity, refreshingly tangy with a fascinatingly authentic berry flavour. Enveloped in a wafer-thin white chocolate layer and covered in fine dark chocolate with a 70% cacao content.

Taste notes: Fruity & Tangy

Zotter Monster Chocolate

Mirzam 62% Dark Chocolate with Kashmiri Chilli

This bar by Mirzam is a dark chocolate bar with a bite of Kashmiri chili powder... if you are ready for it.

The lightly spicey chili gives the dark chocolate a different, mildly hot feeling appearing at the very end of the tasting experience.

India is famous for adding spices in their various dishes the spices provide a flavor that is hard to find in other cultures, this dark chocolate bar is part of Mirzams Monsoon collection.

Taste Notes: Spice & Cacao.

Mirzam 62% Dark Chocolate with Kashmiri Chilli

Love Cocoa Avocado 70% Dark Organic Chocolate 

Made from Organic Hass Avocado, which is known for being the most sought after avocado in the world, right from Michoacán Mexico. This added to their smooth 70% dark chocolate from Ecuador, creates a delicious combination. 

The avocado has all the same great taste, smell, colour, texture, vitamins, minerals and oils of the original fruit, but with the amazing taste of chocolate.

Taste Notes: Avocado, Vanilla, & Cane Sugar.

Love Cocoa Avocado 70% Dark Organic Chocolate

Fossa Duck Shit Dancong Tea Chocolate

With a name like Duck Shit, it was a must on the list.

Ya Shi Xiang (literally translated to Duck Shit) is a dancong tea cultivated in the Phoenix Mountain of Guangdong Province.

The story goes that the farmer, in an attempt to hide the secret to his delicious tea, gave it an unpleasant name and it stuck.

Fortunately, the flavour is nothing like its name. This chocolate bar has notes of longan and malt with a long floral finish.

Tasting notes: Floral & Malt

Fossa Duck Shit Dancong Tea Chocolate

SOMA Dark Fire, with Spices & Chili

Their original spicy chocolate is a good way to awaken your senses.

Dream Machine blend supplies the full round base of chocolate notes. The infusion of chili, ginger, cinnamon, orange peel, all spice, and vanilla unlocks an explosive parallel dimension of flavour. 

Tasting notes: Roasted Cacao, Spices, Chili Peppers, Brownies & Chocolate

SOMA Dark Fire, with Spices & Chili

Have any of these bars scared your taste buds away or did these bars intrigue you to try some out? 

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