Dark Chocolate and Extra Old Cheddar Cheese

Staying indoors during a nice summer day is just lame, everyone knows it. This is why we are taking this month's pairing outside. Yup, outside on a picnic! Need help packing your picnic snacks? Well, keep reading because we have the solution, this month's pairing is delicious craft chocolate and cheese!

Fine artisanal crafted chocolate should be experienced with other fine foods. No matter what the pairing is, it brings a whole new appreciation for the two foods with new tastes, textures, flavors, and notes you didn't experience eating them separately, oh ya it's also delicious and fun to do so. 

This is why every month we make a suggested pairing with the delicious chocolates you receive in your monthly Kekao subscription. This months pairing is Zokoko Goddess Dark Chocolate and Extra Old Cheddar from Cows Creamery. This pairing was curated with the help of our friends at The Cheese Bar who recommended the cheese to go with this wonderful chocolate bar.

Chocolate and Cheese Pairing

Zokoko Chocolate

Zokoko Chocolate is an Australian chocolate maker, founded by Michelle Morgan in 2009, who is a pioneer to the "bean to bar" movement in Australia. She started the company after visiting Costa Rica where she fell in love with the cacao tree. This is when she decided to make chocolate from scratch. Her goal was to make chocolate that reflected its origin. Michelle works closely with the farmers to improve their processes to make the best quality of chocolate. 

Zokoko Goddess Dark Chocolate

Zokoko Goddess Dark Chocolate is an intense blend, full of flavor with deep cacao dark fruit notes. Displaying balanced acidity with a satisfying, lingering finish. An exceptional bar for both dark and non-dark chocolate lovers.

Taste notes: Fruity, Spice, and Cacao.

Zokoko Goddess Dark Chocolate

Cows Creamery

Cows started in 1983 as an ice cream manufacturer and ice cream parlor chain based in Charlottetown, Prince Edward Island, Canada. Cows were named "The Best Ice Cream in Canada".

After owner Scott Linkletter took a trip to the Orkney Islands in Northern Scotland, he was amazed by the local cheese and wanted to diversify Cow's to produce cheese.

In 2006 Cow's partnered with a local cheesemaker from the Orkney Islands and started producing cheese in PEI. No point of Prince Edward Island is more than 20 miles from the ocean, the salty air and iron-rich red soil combine to add a flavorful unique quality cheese. 

Since 2006, Cows Creamery has won multiple awards for its cheese. 

Extra Old Cheddar Cheese

The recipe for Cow's Extra Old Cheddar Cheese hails from the Orkney Islands in northern Scotland. The cheese is aged for 18 months and is made from the milk of cows from local farms in the Prince Edward Islands countryside.

The cheese offers a smooth and firm texture with long, complex, rich bodied flavors with a tangy bite at the end. 

Cow's Extra Old Cheddar Cheese has won multiple awards from the Canadian Cheese Awards, American Cheese Society Competition and World Championship Cheese Contest.

Cow's Creamery Extra Old Cheddar Cheese


Zokoko Goddess Dark Chocolate can be purchased directly from our online store, we offer free shipping on orders $30 and over! ($5 Flat for CAD).

Cow's Extra Old Cheddar Cheese can be purchased from thecheesebar.ca.

Dark Chocolate and Extra Old Cheddar Cheese

While pairing Zokoko Goddes Dark Chocolate and Cow's Extra Old Cheddar Cheese, we went to our local park for a picnic. If you do the same, make sure to bring a cooler to keep both the chocolate and cheese cool, especially during the summertime. 

What makes chocolate, especially dark chocolate and cheese a great pairing is they are both very much complex, addictive, healthy and super delicious foods. Both bring you a feeling of delight.

We started this pairing how we start all our pairings, separately. This allows you to experience the full flavor and aromas of both items, and a chance to cleanse the palate before mixing. 

After trying each item separately, we took a bite of Zokoko Goddess Dark Chocolate, and let it melt on the tongue, swirling it on the tip of my mouth.

We then proceeded to take a bite of a flat piece of Cow's Extra Old Cheddar Cheese.

The fruitiness in Zokoko's Goddess Dark Chocolate was really brought out after tasting it with the extra old cheddar cheese, it also tasted much sweeter than when by itself. 

Chocolate and Cheese Pairing

We want to give a special thanks to The Cheese Bar for selecting Cow's Cheddar Cheese to go with Zokoko Goddess Dark Chocolate bar.

If you are looking for quality cheese, make sure to visit their store and give them a follow on Instagram @thecheesebar.ca.

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