Dark Chocolate & Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Coffee

There is nothing better on a Sunday than waking up, getting the french press ready and brewing a delicious cup of coffee. Once the coffee is ready, I go to my Kekao Box and pick out one of my monthly dark chocolate bars to munch on as I enjoy the freshly pressed coffee. There is no better way to start off Sunday Funday. This is why this month we decided to pair our chocolate with coffee.

We think fine artisanal crafted chocolate should be experienced with other fine foods. No matter what the pairing is, it brings a whole new appreciation for the two foods with new tastes, textures, flavors, and notes you didn't experience eating them separately, oh ya it's also delicious and fun to do so. 

This is why every month we make a suggested pairing with the delicious chocolates you receive in your monthly Kekao subscription. This months pairing is Belu Cacao Panela 70% and Ethiopian Yirgacheffe from I Luv Coffee Roasters. 


Belu Cacao is a small chocolate company located in El Salvador, who took ancestral Mesoamerican crop cacao and transformed it into a delicious experience that takes you back to the basics and true flavor of single origin cacao. Belu Cacao produces single-origin chocolate bars made with two basic ingredients top quality Salvadorian cacao beans and pure cane sugar. Belu Cacao is also passionate about helping women from rural areas in El Salvador by providing them with fair and honest jobs. You can be sure when you eat their delicious bars, you are not only savoring good chocolate but also changing lives for women who want a better and brighter future for their family. Their bars use no preservatives, colorants or soy lecithin. Everything is made from scratch, by using only natural ingredients.

Belu Cacao Panela 70%

This single origin bar from El Salvador features panela, the name for the traditional sugar produced and consumed throughout Latin America and the Caribbean by concentrating freshly extracted cane juice. The bar features notes of cacao nibs, floral and raw cane sugar.


I Luv Coffee Roasters

I Luv Coffee Roasters are an organic artisanal micro coffee roaster based in Windsor, Ontario, Canada. No matter what roast you like, they have it. From smooth light roasts to bold flavored dark roasts. Their coffee is organic, vegan-friendly and gluten-free. I Luv Coffee Roasters praise them selfs in adding the best ingredients in their coffee to provide you with the best coffee experience. In addition to their awesome coffee, they make and bottle a killer cold brew and quenching kombucha. 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

African coffee is rich in history, especially Ethiopian coffee. Ethiopia is known as the birthplace of coffee, it's a country where you can find coffee plants growing wild. When it came to select the pairing, we had to go with I Love Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Yirgacheffe. Yirgacheffe is a small region in Southern Ethiopia and renowned for its coffee. I Luv Coffee Roaster Ethiopia Yirgacheffe is light bodied with a sweet peach and caramel lemongrass clean finish. 

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe I Luv Coffee

Ethiopia Yirgacheffe & Dark Chocolate Bar Pairing

When pairing Belu Cacao Panela 70% and I Love Coffee Roasters Ethiopia Yirgacheffe, I made the batch of coffee in a french press and served it black. This was for my personal preference. You can, of course, add milk or sugar to your coffee and still fully experience the flavors of the coffee.

When I met with Sebastian, I Luv Coffee Roasters operation manager, he said milk should not dilute the taste and flavor of your coffee. If it does, your drinking bad coffee. 

How you like to start your pairing is totally up to you. Typically, when pairing things I start separately to experience the full flavor and textures of what I am consuming and then cleanse the palate and try mixing the two.

Dark Chocolate and Coffee Pairing

For this pairing, I took a bite of Belu Cacao Panela 70% and let it melt on the tongue, swirling it on the tip of my mouth and then proceeded to sip on the freshly pressed cup of Ethiopian Yirgacheffe. Mixing the pairing in my mouth. This gave me a whole different trip for my taste buds, it became a different experience with new flavors. 

After mingling the two in my mouth, I had felt the chocolate really brought out the sweet peach juiciness to the Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, the coffee was much fruiter paired with the dark chocolate than alone. The pairing definitely gave a spring flavor with the fruitiness of the coffee and the notes of floral from the chocolate. 

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