Kekao Monthly Craft Chocolate Club - August 2020

Has 2020 been the year of the staycation? I think so! What's better than snuggling up with amazingly delicious craft chocolate bars? With our monthly chocolate club, you can experience the best craft chocolate has to offer. Better yet, all makers we curate, ethically source their cacao beans at fair wages. Every bite of chocolate supports a community.

Let's take a closer look at what chocolates you can expect to receive this month with the Kekao Box.  


Monthly Chocolate Club


Dan and Jael are the founders of French Broad Chocolate. Their journey in chocolate started in 2003 when the two left grad school and moved to Costa Rica where they bought an abandoned cacao plantation and started, Bread & Chocolate bakery. After living in Costa Rica for two years, the couple moved to Ashville, North Carolina where French Broad Chocolate Lounge was opened.

In 2012, Dan and Jael became bean-to-bar chocolate makers and opened French Broad Chocolate Factory & Tasting Room. French Broad Chocolate began sourcing cacao from trusted farmers and transforming it into fine chocolate. Since 2012, French Broad has created a variety of chocolates, with tasting notes ranging from fruity to deeply earthy.

French Broad 100%

This bar is not for everybody. But it is for folks like you and me. We relish the opportunity to taste the unadulterated purity of 100 percent cacao chocolate. With no sweet embellishment, the seed and the maker can both show their true colour. Just one square of this potent chocolate captures the intensity of a freshly pulled espresso shot. Bold and intensely dark cocoa flavors are balanced with complex and wild fruit flavors of grape and lime.

Tasting notes: Wild Fruit, Grape & Lime

Weight: 60g

Retail: $9.99

French Broad 100%


Ritual Chocolate produces small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolate using classic European methods and premium cacao from select sources. Founded in 2010 by Robbie Stout and Anna Davies, their mission is to produce exceptional quality chocolate while celebrating the complexity of the cacao bean.

At their small chocolate factory in Park City, Utah they are involved with the entire chocolate-making process to ensure their values for the highest achievable quality are present every step of the way.

They source some of the highest quality cacao in the world to make their chocolate. With no added flavours, their chocolate is an authentic expression of the flavour unique to each origin. 

Ritual Belize 75%

Made with organic cacao that is grown by a network of Mayan farmers in the Toledo district of Belize. This chocolate has an incredible balance of fruity, earthy, and nutty flavors as a result of the complex genetic makeup of the growing region.

Tasting notes: Fruity, Earthy & Nutty

Weight: 70g

Retail: $9.99

Ritual Belize 75%


Chocolate Conspiracy sources their cacao beans from the Agro-Industrial Cooperative Atalaya. The association is formed by 300 members who live in the margins of the rivers that make up the Ucayali region of Peru, 60% of the members are native to the Achaninka tribes and the rest are migrant settlers who plant many varieties of fruit. The members of the co-op are involved with all the aspects of the growing and harvesting of the cacao, in doing so we end up with a varietal blend of Forastero, Trinitario, and Criollo. 

The cacao beans are certified organic, certified fair trade, and certified kosher.  The cacao is also non-GMO, non-hybridized, and cultivated from a combination of old-growth cacao trees and new trees that have been planted to help maintain not only the forests but the livelihoods of the farmers and harvesters.

Chocolate Conspiracy Blackberry Ginger Bar 73%

This bar features an 18-year aged blackberry balsamic vinegar that is infused into the chocolate. The fruity taste is rounded out with a hint of ginger. In India, Ginger is called the "universal spice" because it is said to balance all body types and carry health benefits.

Tasting notes: Fruity & Ginger

Weight: 57g

Retail: $6.99

Chocolate Conspiracy Blackberry Ginger Bar 73%


Beyond Good is a Brooklyn-based chocolate and vanilla company established in 2006 by two Peace Corps volunteers who served in Madagascar. The company sells a range of single-origin chocolate bars and vanilla products, sourced from Madagascar, and Uganda. All of the cocoa is certified direct trade and is sourced directly from Madagascar and Ugandan cocoa farmers. 

Beyond Good Uganda Crispy Rice 73%

Of all the bars they make, this may be the hardest to stop eating. When they were in the process of developing this bar, they noticed their R&D samples disappeared the fastest. An amazingly delicious, inclusion bar by Beyond Good.

Tasting notes: Cane & Vanilla

Weight: 75g

Retail: $4.99

Beyond Good Uganda Crispy Rice 73%

To get started with craft chocolate, start with our Kekao Box. We search the world for the finest chocolate bars and bring them right to your doorstep monthly.

From rich dark Peruvian chocolate bars to new start-up chocolate bars on the come up, you never know what you’ll get inside the box!

Each month we will curate 4 to 5 premium specialty crafted chocolate bars. 

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If you want to just try a couple of bars, check out our online chocolate shop. It's a selection of what we have curated in our past boxes. 

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