Kekao Craft Chocolate Bar Subscription Box - July

Happy Canada Day and Independence Day to all Chocoholics! July is typically the start of taking time off work, relaxing and enjoying chocolate! Let's start the vacation season with your July Kekao Craft Chocolate Bar Subscription Box! 


Let's take a look of what you can expect in your July Kekao Craft Chocolate Bar Subscription box

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Friis-Holm is a multiple award-winning chocolate maker, founded in 2008 by chef Mikkel Friis-Holm in the small Danish rural town of Lejre. Mikkel's background as a chef focused on the potential of raw produce, and with his insight in cacao growing conditions and the production of chocolate from his previous work with the Californian quality chocolate brand Scharffen Berger, Mikkel knew he wanted to do something different to shake up the world. He saw huge culinary potential in working with the innate tastes of the cacao beans. The quality of chocolate comes directly from the cacao bean and he went against the tide to involve the people behind the beans, the cacao growers into the process of making chocolate. The vision and goal of sourcing the highest quality of cacao, has made Friis-Holm one of the most renowned chocolate makers in the world.

Friis-Holm 100%

Friss-Holm 100% Dark Chocolate Bar, is an intense bar, with a blend of 10 different cacao growers from Nicaragua. This bar is full-bodied that unveils beautiful black cherry notes with pleasant acidity.

Taste notes: Fruity, Intense and Dark.

Friss-Holm 100% Dark Chocolate 

Mirzam Chocolate Makers:

Mirzam Chocolate Makers is an Emirati chocolate maker founded in Dubai. Mirzam designed their chocolate production process to be transparent, you can experience every aspect of chocolate making at their chocolate factory, from roasting the cacao to hand wrapping each bar. Mirzam Chocolate is inspired by the maritime spice route that took merchants around the world to buy delicious spices. They have selected cacao plantations located along this historic trail (Vietnam, Indonesia, Madagascar, Papua New Guinea, India, and Cuba) to create their single origin chocolate bars. 

Mirzam Chocolate 85% Cuba Bar

Mirzam Chocolate 85% Cuba Bar is a beautifully crafted and well balanced dark bar with a smooth melt featuring a bold flavor and light bitterness. Cuba is not a large producer of cacao, only producing 2,000 Tons of cacao per year, making this bar a special treat. 

Taste notes: Fruity, Earthy, Spice, Floral and Nutty.

Mirzam Chocolate 85% Cuba Bar

Zokoko Chocolate:

Zokoko Chocolate is an Australian chocolate maker, founded by Michelle Morgan in 2009, who is a pioneer to the "bean to bar" movement in Australia. She started the company after visiting Costa Rica where she fell in love with the cacao tree. This is when she decided to make chocolate from scratch. Her goal was to make chocolate that reflected its origin. Michelle works closely with the farmers to improve their processes to make the best quality of chocolate. 

Zokoko Goddess Dark Chocolate

Zokoko Goddess Dark Chocolate is an intense blend, full of flavor with deep cacao dark fruit notes. Displaying balanced acidity with a satisfying, lingering finish. An exceptional bar for both dark and non-dark chocolate lovers.

Taste notes: Fruity, Spice, and Cacao.

 Zokoko Goddess Dark

Hope you enjoy your July chocolates as much as we did. If you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you do to discover premium specialty craft chocolate bars from around the world. Still undecided? Try our sample box, you can also buy bars now individually!

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