Kekao Craft Chocolate Bar Subscription Box - March

Still, feeling the winter blues? Don't worry spring is on its way. In the meantime, we can look at how the Kekao Box can help you with the winter blues.


Monthly Chocolate Subscription 


Amedei’s journey starts with foundress Cecilia Tessieri’s small artisanal laboratory and her commitment to excellence. A search that gradually developed through study, passion and the rediscovery of ancient processing techniques. The raw cocoa pods selected by Amedei from plantations are harvested and sent directly to Tuscany, to be turned into true art pieces by their chocolatiers, who masterfully dose and hand-process a small number of selected ingredients.

Toscano Red 70%

Toscano Red seals the extraordinary relationship between fruit and true chocolate. This bar features tiny pieces of red fruit (Strawberry, Raspberry & Cherry) on a dark chocolate canvas. 

Tasting notes: Fruity

Weight: 50g

Retail: $7.99

Toscano Red 70% Dark Chocolate with Strawberries, Raspberries & Cherries


Domori was founded by the creative mind and passion for nature, gastronomy and cocoa of Gianluca Franzoni who, in 1993, after his studies in Economics & Business, arrived in Venezuela and, fascinated by the magic of cocoa, decided to develop a business model to reposition fine cacao.

Since its birth, Domori has been a real revolution for the world of cacao. It was the first chocolate company to use only fine cocoa, focusing on high quality. The first to produce chocolate with Criollo cacao, one of the rarest and most valuable cacao beans. The first to control the entire supply chain starting from the plantations located in Central & South & America and to have its own plantation, allowing it to recover the biodiversity of Criollo cacao. The first to rediscover and use an ancient and simple formula for chocolate using only cocoa paste. The first to create a 100% pure Criollo cacao bar. And finally, the first chocolate maker to create a Chocolate Tasting Code for discovering the infinite nuances of cacao.

Ocumare 77 Criollo 70% 

Ocumare 77 is recognizable by the greater roughness of its cacao pod compared to the other Ocumare varieties. Its cultivation in purity is very rare because the plant often has empty beans inside the fruit. This variety features notes of apricot jam, cream, and dried fruit. Excellent roundness and persistence, with low acidity and bitterness.

Tasting notes: Apricot Jam, Cream & Dried Fruit

Weight: 25g

Retail: $6.99

Ocumare 77 Criollo 70%


Pump Street is an award-winning bakery in the village of Orford on Suffolk’s Heritage Coast. After mastering naturally-leavened bread, they ventured into making chocolate from beans imported directly from single estates and cooperatives around the world.

Provenance and process are key to Pump Street's finished bars. They source cacao from the best growers who ferment and dry the beans at the origin. They then tailor their roasting, grinding and conching to yield the best tasting chocolate possible.

Sourdough & Sea Salt 66% 

A unique combination of their two signature (and favourite) products: dark chocolate and sourdough. Their sourdough crumbs and a touch of sea salt add crunch and a smooth, malty flavour to the Ecuadorian chocolate.

Tasting notes: Red Fruit, Earthy, Sweet Bread

Weight: 70g

Retail: $9.99

Sourdough & Sea Salt 66%


Based on family recipes and named for founder George Domurot’s niece, a National Park Service Forest Ranger, Ranger Chocolate Company carefully handles each cacao bean to unlock nuance, regionality, and terroir-driven flavors in their chocolate. Ranger’s addictive granolas, caramel sauce, and gourmet candy bars complement their two-ingredient single-origin bars for a unique product line. Like all good Rangers, they also take care of the planet, using candy bar proceeds to plant trees and take care of wildlife.

Dark Milk 66% 

Ranger added quality sugar and milk to their single-origin Colombian cacao beans to get this fantastic dark milk bar. This bar offers just as much depth of flavour as any one of their dark chocolate bars. 

Tasting notes: Malt & Butter

Weight: 64g

Retail: $9.99

Dark Milk 66%

To get started with craft chocolate, start with our Kekao Box. We search the world for the finest chocolate bars and bring them right to your doorstep monthly.

From rich dark Peruvian chocolate bars to new start-up chocolate bars on the come up, you never know what you get inside the box!

Each month we will curate 4 to 5 premium specialty crafted chocolate bars. 

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If you want to just try a couple of bars, check out our online chocolate shop, it's a selection of what we have curated in our past boxes. 

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