Kekao Craft Chocolate Bar Subscription Box - May

May is the month of Mother's. If you are struggling with a gift for the most cherished women in your world, look no further as the Kekao Box is a delight for anyone. I mean who doesn't love chocolate? Especially, premium specialty craft dark chocolate bars! Luckily, we offer a three-month and six-month gift subscription box. At Kekao, we appreciate moms and we want to put a smile on your mom, this is why we have created a special discount code for moms. Use discount code MOM and you will receive $5 OFF the first month's box! Expires May 12th. Check out our gift boxes here. Want to subscribe your self? Check out all of our subscriptions here!

How Kekao Craft Chocolate Bar Gift Box Works

You pay monthly for either three or six months and leave the rest to us! We search the world for the finest dark chocolate bars to be curated monthly. Each month they will receive 3 to 5 premium dark chocolate bars. Once the three or six months are up they will stop receiving the gift. It's that simple! Visit our gift subscription section for more information. If you have any questions, you can always write to us at

What's Inside Kekao's Craft Chocolate Bar May Box

Dark Chocolate Bar May Subscription Box

Let's take a preview of what you might receive in your May Kekao Dark Chocolate Bar Subscription box! 

Zotter Chocolate: 

Zotter Chocolate start's with its creator Josef Zotter. Josef has transformed the world of chocolates with his daring creativity. The creative chocolate maker from Riegersburg, Austria has constantly challenged the world's view and taste of chocolate. Josef has introduced a variety of unique flavors in his hand-scooped chocolates, including Bacon Bits, Pumpkin Seeds with Marzipan and Apples and Carrots with Ginger surrounded by chocolate just to name a few. Josef's creativity is also shown in the packaging, as every bar has a unique artistic style to its packaging.

Labooko High-End 96%

The bar featured from Zotter Chocolate in our May Kekao box is Labooko High-End 96%. This Bar Features 96% cacao enveloped by a hint of coconut blossom sugar, which is harvested by hand from the flowers of the coconut tree and which has a pleasant caramel flavor, making it a very popular sugar alternative. Of course, the cacao has center stage, a beautiful blend made from Peruvian cacao beans. 

Taste notes: mild, wood, nuts, slightly earthy and spicy notes, red fruit, balanced and astringent finish, fruity and nutty (with a note of sugar-free caramel).

Zotter Chocolate Labooko High-End 96%

French Broad Chocolate: 

Dan and Jael are the founders of French Broad Chocolate. Their journey in chocolate started in 2003 when the two left grad school and moved to Costa Rica where they bought an abandoned cacao plantation and started, Bread & Chocolate bakery. After living in Costa Rica for two years, the couple moved to Ashville, North Carolina where French Broad Chocolate Lounge was opened. In 2012, Dan and Jael became bean-to-bar chocolate makers and opened French Broad Chocolate Factory & Tasting Room. French Broad Chocolate began sourcing cacao from trusted farmers and transforming it into fine chocolate. Since 2012, French Broad has created a variety of chocolates, with tasting notes ranging from fruity to deeply earthy.

French Broad Chocolates Sea Salt 75%

The bar featured from French Broad Chocolates in our May Kekao box is their Sea Salt 75%. This chocolate bar contains seventy-five percent cacao and is sprinkled with flake salt (Sourced from Cape Romain National Wildlife Refuge by Bulls Bay Salt Works). The salt brings out the jammy fruit notes in the profile, which combine with the flavor of peanut butter. 

Taste notesSalt, cocoa powder, red fruit, peanut butter, and slate.

French Broad chocolates Sea Salt 75% & Coffee

Belu Cacao

Belu Cacao is a small chocolate company located in El Salvador, who took ancestral Mesoamerican crop cacao and transformed it into a delicious experience that takes you back to the basics and true flavor of single origin cacao. Belu Cacao produces single-origin chocolate bars made with two basic ingredients top quality Salvadorian cacao beans and pure cane sugar. Belu Cacao is also passionate about helping women from rural areas in El Salvador by providing them with fair and honest jobs. You can be sure when you eat their delicious bars, you are not only savoring good chocolate but also changing lives for women who want a better and brighter future for their family. Their bars use no preservatives, colorants or soy lecithin. Everything is made from scratch, by using only natural ingredients.

Belu Cacao Panela 70%

The bar featured from Belu Cacao in our May Kekao box is their Panela 70%. This single origin bar from El Salvador features panela, the name for the traditional sugar produced and consumed throughout Latin America and the Caribbean by concentrating freshly extracted cane juice. 

Taste notes: Cacao nibs, floral and raw cane sugar.

Belu Cacao Panela 70%

Hope you enjoy your May chocolates as much as we did. If you haven't subscribed yet, make sure you do to discover premium specialty craft chocolate bars from around the world.

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