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It was in April of 1954 when the master chocolatier Francesc Agrás embarked on a long journey through the best patisseries and confectioneries in Europe. His passion for excellence in artisan confectionery was the seed that led to the founding of one of the most renowned Catalan chocolate factories: Bombons Blanxart. It all started in a modest workshop in the neighborhood of Les Corts (Barcelona) and feeding a dream: bringing the best cocoa beans from Ghana, Congo, and Guayaquil to chocolate.

Blanxart Nicaragua 85%

This is a bar of organic dark chocolate made with 85% Criollo and Trinitario cocoa from Nicaragua. It is one of the smoothest 85% chocolate bars we have tried. Definitely a bar for those who are new to high percentage bars.

Tasting notes: Lemon, Orange, Flowers & Nuts

Blanxart Nicaragua Eco-Organic 85%


Cunda de Piedra Comalcalco are a group of Mexicans who are passionate about cacao. Its mission is to raise the quality of life of everyone involved in the process, from those who grow and harvest the land, to those who consume their bars. Cuna de Piedra is a homage to Mexican cacao. Each one of their chocolates is a reflection of the best lesson Mother Nature has taught us: good things take time, but they are worth waiting for.

Cuna de Piedra Comalcalco Tabasco w/ Hibiscus Flowers 73%

For this bar, Cuna de Piedra has chosen the hibiscus flower harvested by the indigenous community “Numa Gamaa Ski Yu Me'Phaa”, from whom they have learned a special kind of devotion to Mother Earth, and a true understanding that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The members of the Me'Phaa community have been cultivating the creole Hibiscus tree for centuries. This is the variety that was originally introduced by the Spanish galleons on the Pacific route from Manila to Acapulco, and is known for being particularly robust and aromatic.

Tasting notes: Floral

Cuna de Piedra Comalcalco, Tabasco w/ Hibiscus Flowers 73%


LetterPress Chocolate's story starts in high school, where founders David and Corey met. Their first experience with cacao was in 2011 when they traveled to St. Lucia on vacation and happened to stop at a cacao plantation where they got to taste the pulp from cacao pods for the first time.

Two years later, the couple began a chocolate blog called Little Brown Squares which exclusively featured reviews of bean-to-bar chocolate bars. David began purchasing small quantities of cacao beans from chocolate makers and brokers and started making his own batches.Today LetterPress Chocolate has its very own factory where you can visit and even complete a tour with tastings. 

LetterPress Tingo Maria Peru 70%

Ucayali River Cacao sources from several areas in the Peruvian state of Ucayali. Having won numerous awards for their Private Reserve Ucayali bar, Letterpress wanted to explore some of the other fantastic cacao in the region which URC also ferments. Tingo María is a city on the Huallaga River in central Peru, set between Andean highlands and Amazonian jungle. It's the gateway to the biodiverse Tingo María National Park, known for Sleeping Beauty, a mountain shaped like a reclining woman.

Tasting Notes: Caramel, Mocha & Berries

LetterPress Tingo Maria, Peru 70%


Beyond Good is a Brooklyn-based chocolate and vanilla company established in 2006 by two Peace Corps volunteers who served in Madagascar. The company sells a range of single-origin chocolate bars and vanilla products, sourced from Madagascar, and Uganda. All of the cocoa is certified direct trade and is sourced directly from Madagascan and Ugandan cocoa farmers. 

Beyond Good Madagascar Salted Almond 63%

The savory-sweet classic. Their newest bar has a time-tested combination of chocolate and salted almonds. Made with our 63% pure, Madagascar cocoa.

Tasting Notes: Nutty 

Beyond Good Madagascar Salted Almond 63%

To get started with craft chocolate, start with our Kekao Box. We search the world for the finest chocolate bars and bring them right to your doorstep monthly. From rich dark Peruvian chocolate bars to new start-up chocolate bars on the come up, you never know what you'll get inside the box! Each month we will curate 4 to 5 premium specialty crafted chocolate bars. 

If you want to just try a couple of bars, check out our online chocolate store.

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June 03, 2022
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