Indulge in May with a wonderful chocolate box from Kekao. Whether you are celebrating Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day or gifting something for Mother's Day. Nothing is more special than a box of delicious chocolate delivered to your door from the best chocolate makers around the world. 

Let's take a closer look at what chocolates you can expect to receive this month with the Kekao Box.  


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Raaka is devoted to making uncommonly delicious chocolate that captures the brighter, bolder, and fruitier side of cacao. They make every bar from scratch with unroasted cacao beans, sourced from growers they trust and admire. The unique flavour of their unroasted chocolate is part place, part process. They craft their bars in celebration of each cacao origin's unique character. Their chocolate making process values the community of growers, producers, and makers whose livelihoods depend on cacao and chocolate. All of their chocolate is made from scratch, bean-to-bar, in Red Hook, Brooklyn.

Raaka Strawberry & Coconut 80%

A super dark chocolate with an easy, ice cream-like melt and a natural, juicy sweetness from strawberries. You won’t believe they made this bar without added sugar, but they did.

Tasting notes: Juicy & Fruity

Weight: 50g


Luisa Abram is a chocolate maker from Brazil. Much could be said in praise of Luisa Abram‘s chocolate, from the rarest, wild-harvested cacao she taps, to the slow-churned fermentation, small-batch micro-lot production techniques, and so much more. However, none of that can quite convey how singular the taste is. The notes of cacao are direct, clear, and pure but also arresting in just how unique they are compared to any other chocolate. 

Luisa Abram Rio Tocantins Wild Cocoa 70%

The chocolate bar starts with a taste of freshness and as the flavor builds, you can feel citric notes that refer to orange and lemon. It has a touch of honey and it ends with a very nice chocolate flavor.

Tasting notes: Citric & Honey

Weight: 80g

Luisa Abram Rio Tocantins Wild Cocoa 70%


Amano Artisan Chocolate is a small-batch craft chocolate maker based in Orem, Utah. Amano is an award-winning maker, they make all their chocolate on vintage equipment. Their small batch process allows Amano to control and observe flavour development, making each batch of chocolate not only delicious but unique. Amano uses Italian and French confectionary techniques. They source their beans from South and Central America as well as certain regions of Africa and Oceania.

Amano Madagascar 70%

The quality of chocolate is influenced by time and place. Flavor changes with the seasons and is intricately tied to the soil and climate. At the turn of the century, criollo cacao trees were brought from Venezuela to the island of Madagascar. Amano crafted this chocolate from beans from the offspring of these trees. The mild chocolate character comes from the trees' Venezuelan heritage. The hints of citrus come from Madagascar's soil and climate and are unique to beans from Madagascar. The marriage results in a bar of extraordinary chocolate you will love.

Tasting notes: Citrus & Floral

Weight: 85g

Amano Madagascar 70%


Founded in 2015, Goodio is a food pioneer with a big heart. The story started with a question: “What if there was a food brand you could trust?”Goodio was created on the principles of sustainability, well-being, and transparency. It's a vision to bring Nordic-inspired flavors to a chocolate brand for the global consumer.

They select organic, nutritious ingredients, and fuse them with unique flavors, such as wild blueberry and sea buckthorn to give you a delicious one-of-a-kind treat. All their bars are made with raw cacao, which is high in antioxidants and classified as a superfood.

Goodio Licorice & Sea Buckthorn 53%

This chocolate bar features sweet liquorice and piquant Nordic sea buckthorns combined with sophisticated chocolate to create perfect harmony.

Tasting notes: Liquorice

Weight: 48g

Goodio Licorice & Sea Buckthorn 53%

To get started with craft chocolate, start with our Kekao Box. We search the world for the finest chocolate bars and bring them right to your doorstep monthly.

From rich dark Peruvian chocolate bars to new start-up chocolate bars on the come up, you never know what you’ll get inside the box!

Each month we will curate 4 to 5 premium specialty crafted chocolate bars. 

Have someone who you appreciate? It also makes as a great gift

If you want to just try a couple of bars, check out our online chocolate shop. It's a selection of what we have curated in our past boxes. 

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