Subscription Box Gifts That Keep on Giving

Do your family and friends quickly forget about the gift you bought them? What an unappreciative bunch. Instead of buying one-time gifts, try gifting one of these subscription boxes that keep on giving. 

Browse and select one of the subscription boxes below that best suits your family or friend, and let the gift keep on giving. 

Subscription Box Gifts


If you are going to choose a subscription box, you have to start with our Kekao Box. We search the world for the finest craft chocolate bars and bring them right to your doorstep monthly. From rich dark Peruvian chocolate bars to new start-up chocolate bars on the come up, you never know what you’ll get inside the box! Each month we will curate 4 to 5 premium specialty crafted chocolate bars.

We have three gift options for you, the Monthly Kekao Subscription Box Gift, the 3 Month Kekao Subscription Gift, and the 6 Month Kekao Subscription Gift

With the monthly option, you pay monthly and leave the rest to us! Once you think they have had enough, you can pause the subscription or modify it at any time.

With the 3 month or 6 month option, you prepay and once the 3 or 6 months are up, they will stop receiving the gift. It's that easy!

Chocolate Box


Have a literary lover, but don’t know what book to give? A Just the Right Book subscription is the unique gift they need. Their knowledgeable book sellers match readers to the perfect book, introducing both new authors and classic gems. 

Every book is hand selected and wrapped with care. They offer gift subscriptions for adults, teens, and kids, and happiness is guaranteed. Even better, books can be exchanged at no additional cost. 

How It Works?

Choose the format of books you want to send to the book lover in your life and how frequently you want a book delivered. From here, there are two options.

  1. They send a gift card via USPS to the recipient with a redemption code for them to claim their subscription.
  2. They send an email directly to you with the redemption code for you to personally share with the recipient.

You will select one of these options during the order confirmation process. Upon the recipient’s completion of the Reading Preferences form, they’ll ship their first book.



Love Goodly is a deluxe subscription box service for stylish, eco-friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free beauty, skincare, lifestyle and wellness products. This box is tailored to women. Every purchase always supports a cause. Their mission is to introduce the best conscious brands, from organic, non-toxic, sustainable, to fair trade and vegan.

You can select from either their Essential or VIP Boxes. Both boxes come as a one-time order or subscription.

How It Works?

Each box has a mix of full-size products, focused on nontoxic beauty and skincare, as well as eco-style or home accessories, healthy snacks and wellness products. 

Every other month they will discover new cruelty-free faves with socially conscious brands that are better for you and better for the planet.

Single Essential Box:

  • 4 to 5 products
  • $75+ total retail value
  • $39.95 plus shipping

Single VIP Box:

  • 5 to 6 products
  • $115+ total retail value
  • $55.95 plus shipping

    Love Goodly


Does your family member or friend need their coffee fix from the best beans in the world? Bean Box handpicks coffee from Seattle’s world-renowned roasters. Their coffees ship freshly roasted to ensure your special someone enjoys the very best cup.

How It Works?

  1. They handpick coffee from Seattle and Portland's top-rated roasters every month.
  2. They ship the beans to the gift recipient in a handsome Bean Box.
  3. They brew and enjoy delicious coffee with each unique roast.


Vacation Crate is a monthly subscription box that delivers something we all need… a vacation! They carefully select each month’s 8+ products with subscribers in mind. Each month's box includes products and accessories focused on one destination.

Let the receiver travel with the box across the globe and immerse themselves in a new culture every month.

  • 8-10 items per box each month!
  • A personalized note can be included to create the perfect gift for a friend
  • All beauty products are full-sized and cruelty-free

How It Works?

Simply pay monthly $36.00/month and let Vacation Crate do the rest. 

The receiver will get a country-themed beauty box each month to take them across the world.

Vacation Crate


Forget a spa getaway, when you can give one every month with the Thera Box. Each box includes one research inspired therapeutic activity to wire their brain for more joy, plus 6 to 8 self-care wellness goodies to reduce stress & enhance life!

TheraBox aims to inspire more love & happiness in every box through mindfully curated products to feed the mind, body & soul. 

How It Works?

Pick a monthly plan to gift and TheraBox will send:

  • 1 happiness activity plus 6 - 8 self care wellness goodies (i.e., aromatherapy, natural/organic bath, body, skincare products, and other lifestyle goodies!)
  • Over $100+ in retail value in every box!
  • Curated by therapists to increase happiness & reduce stress
  • Unbox happiness monthly! Filled with all things mindful, thoughtful, and beautiful to help you de-stress and live an inspired life!



Winc is the next best thing to owning your very own winery. With this gift, your wine enthusiast will receive at least four bottles delivered to their door each month. The wines are $13–$15 each, and if you order at least four, shipping is free.

How It Works?

Choose an amount for a gift card to be sent with a personalized gift note. Winc will then send it off to your recipient to redeem for a personalized wine delivery.

The recipient will answer 6 questions to help Winc assess their unique tates. Based on the questions, Winc will recommend wines specifically chosen to match their palate.


To get started with craft chocolate, start with our Kekao Box. We search the world for the finest chocolate bars and bring them right to your doorstep monthly.

From rich dark Peruvian chocolate bars to new start-up chocolate bars on the come up, you never know what you’ll get inside the box!

Each month we will curate 4 to 5 premium specialty crafted chocolate bars. 

Have someone who you appreciate? It also makes a great gift

If you want to just try a couple of bars, check out our online chocolate shop! It's a selection of what we have curated in our past boxes. 

If you have any questions regarding this blog, our Kekao Box, or premium specialty crafted chocolate bars, feel free to contact us! Keep up with us by subscribing to our newsletter or following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.