10 Canadian Craft Chocolate Bars You Must Try

Canada has some of the best artisanal chocolate makers in the world, at the 2019 International Chocolate Awards, there were nine Canadian chocolate makers winning in various categories. 

Here is a list of 10 Canadian craft chocolate bars we recommend you try.

10 Canadian Craft Chocolate Bars You Must Try

Sweetness Chocolate Co The Middle 68%

Sweetness Chocolate Co is a relatively new craft chocolate maker from Windsor, On. Founded by Michèle Bowman a long-time passionate baker, Michèle makes both bean to bar, single-origin chocolate, and handcrafted bonbons. 

This chocolate bar is an inclusion bar from Sweetness Chocolate Co. Inspired by the Lebanese 7 spice mix, the bar bursts with flavor. When eating this bar your mouth will experience fireworks, with flavors lingering after each bite. It is one of the most flavourful bars we have tried.

This bar by Sweetness Chocolate Co was part of our 2019 October Kekao Box.

SOMA Green Tangerine 70%

In 2003 David Castellan and Cynthia Leung had the idea of creating a small, funky chocolate factory, with the idea came SoMa. Fast forward to today, they have grown to two stores, a small chocolate factory, a network of wholesalers, and a small team of wonderful and talented people. The love and curiosity of chocolate motivate SOMA to continue making exceptional chocolate.

The Green Tangerine 70% from SOMA uses green tangerines from South East Asia. These tangerines have a beautiful floral citrus aroma. This is infused with cacao beans from Madagascar, a bean known for its fruitiness to create a delightfully refreshing and juicy taste.

Soma Chocolate

Hummingbird Chocolate Gingerbread Spice 60%

Erica and Drew, founders of Hummingbird Chocolate spent their careers working with farmers in developing countries and gained huge respect and affection for people who make food, from grower to artisan. After returning to Canada, they started to make chocolate as a hobby, the hobby soon gained traction from the community and the two turned the hobby into an award-winning chocolate shop.

This Gingerbread Spice from Hummingbird is a 60% dark milk chocolate blended with gingerbread spices. The two paired create for a creamy delicious chocolate bar.


ChocoSol Traders Jaguar Swirl 70% Albino + Red Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

ChocoSol is a craft chocolate maker, which is on the mission to craft revolutionary foods that are good for the mind, body, and soil. ChocoSol was founded in 2004, in Oaxacan, Mexico and has been making craft chocolate at its Toronto facility since 2006.

The Jaguar Swirl is a beautiful combination of ChocoSol's best selling Vanilla Sea Salt chocolate with their rare and unique albino cacao chocolate hand-swirled into each bar. This bar celebrates both the sweet, classic dark chocolate flavour alongside the light and delicate flavours of Jaguar chocolate.

Jaguar Swirl | 70% Albino + Red Cacao Dark Chocolate Bar

Mcguire Chocolate Vegan Oatmeal Raisin Cookie 55%

McGuire Chocolate is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker with a focus on preparing a simple and high-quality product from the inside out. Their journey began when they discovered how different flavour profiles from origin cacao was shaped by fermentation, roasting, and conching. This launched them down a rabbit hole into the exciting and emerging world of craft chocolate. 

The cacao used in the Vegan Oatmeal Raisin grows just south of the Bay of Patanemo. This bay was formed by a flooded valley, between the tip of Yapascua, east and west Punta Rock. Today, Patanemo is a profit-sharing cacao co-op. The cacao grown in Patanemo is very rich in chocolaty flavour. When combined with oats a creamy milk chocolate alternative bar comes to life. Reminiscent of chocolate oatmeal cookies this bar is a delight.


Petite Patrie Chocolate Single Origin Tabasco Region, Criollo 80% Dark Chocolate

Back in 2016, Gabrielle tasted an amazing bar of fine chocolate and it literally changed her world. Since then, She has not stopped learning the art of making chocolate using the finest organic cacao beans she can find. 

Criollo is a rare heirloom cacao variety. The bean itself is white and once turned into chocolate, it has a light reddish colour. It originates from the same farm as their other Mexican chocolate - Hacienda Jesus Maria in Tabasco, Mexico. The cacao is transformed into this silky chocolate with joyfully citrusy and pink grapefruit rind notes and a remarkable warmth that lingers in the mouth long after it's finished.

Single Origin Tabasco Region, Criollo 80% Dark Chocolate

Sirene Chocolate Tingo Maria, Ucayali 73%

Taylor Kennedy, the founder of Sirene Chocolate, has been a globetrotter for most of his life with a life long obsession of wanting to know how things worked and why. Through his work with the National Geographic Society, he worked for more than 18 years in remote countries with rich agricultural heritage where he began to make the connection between food and the growing demand for ethically sourced products. With Sirene Chocolate, Taylor is able to oversee production from the cacao bean to the bars on the shelves and feel good about each of the steps along the way.

The cacao used in Tingo Maria chocolate bar comes from deep inside the Amazonian jungle of Peru. This region grows the flavourful bean from Ucayali River Cacao. Starting with a caramel flavour it evolves into a mouth-filling fruit. 

Tingo Maria

Avanaa Chocolate Kallari 80%

Avanaa, started after Cath a geologist visited Mexico and thought, why not make chocolate in Montreal. She soon left her job to pursue Latin America for the best cacao. She brought back the cacao she found to Montreal and started crafting chocolate bean to bar.

The Kallari 80% is a single origin 80% dark chocolate bar made from Kallari Cooperative’s cacao beans. Kallari Cooperative uses the money raised from the sale of their cacao to the preservation of the traditions and culture of the Kichwa people and to protect the Ecuadorian rainforest. Not only are you improving your Karma with this bar but it also tastes delicious with notes of Molasses, Mint, Vanilla.

 Kallari 80%

Kin + Pod Vegan Coconut Milk and Candied Cacao Nib Bar

Kin + Pod is an Alberta company dedicated to making exceptional chocolate from bean to bar. The chocolate is made in small batches, the beans are carefully selected using ethical cacao producers. Each bar is tasted for quality, a tiny company trying to do good by making delicious craft chocolate.

This small-batch chocolate bar by Kin+Pod is absolutely delicious. Using organic cacao with a combination of organic cane sugar and organic cocoa butter to give it a sweet taste. The inclusion of coconut milk allows for a vegan alternative to milk.

Vegan Coconut Milk and Candied Cacao Nib Bar

Qantu Chocolates Maple and Fleur de Sel

Founders, Elfi and Maxime, roam the plantations of Latin America in search of native cacao beans with exceptional aromas. Then, in their workshop, they transform by hand these beans into tablets of pure happiness that will surprise your taste buds.

We had to include a Maple bar on this list. Quantu's Maple and Fleur de Sel bar is a 60% dark chocolate sweetened with pure maple sugar from Quebec and with a touch of sea salt. The cacao bean behind this award-winning chocolate is from the small Peruvian town of La Mar, situated in the province of Ayacucho.

Dark chocolate CHUNCHO 60% - Maple and fleur de sel from Maras

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