Eating chocolate while reading can improve your vision, help the brain, oh ya, and it's the perfect snack.

Here are some awesome reasons why you should be pairing chocolate with your next book.

Why you Should Read and Eat Chocolate

                    Why You Should Read and Eat Chocolate

  • Let's start with reason number one, CHOCOLATE IS AMAZING! We can end it here, but let's continue.

  • Do you enjoy reading at the beach, in the garden or at a park? Dark chocolate is full of flavonols that help protect the skin against sun damage. It shouldn't be a replacement for sunscreen. However, applying sunscreen, munching on a dark bar of chocolate from your Kekao Box, and enjoying Vitamin D could be what the soul is looking for.
  • Does reading make you feel good? If you want to experience the perfect euphoria try combining the novel you can't put down with a chocolate bar. Chocolate has phenylethylamine or PEA, which allows the brain to release endorphins. Endorphins are the things that make our bodies feel good, so double down with reading and chocolate.

  • Chocolate bars and chocolate wrappers make for the perfect bookmarks. The darker the chocolate, the stronger the scent it will leave on the book. You can enjoy the aroma throughout the entire book.

Reading and eating chocolate
    • Do you struggle with remembering how the story left off when you get back into a book? Perhaps you are studying and for whatever reason you keep forgetting e=mc^2. Well, chocolate can help prevent memory decline - this means you have to grab a bite before you start reading, no excuse.
    • After a long day, your eyes get tired and blurry. Chocolate to the rescue! Chocolate helps improve vision, so next time you want to sharpen up the late-night reading, take a piece of chocolate.

    • Are you reading and it is stressing you out? Take a chill pill a.k.a chocolate bar. Chocolate contains magnesium, a compound well known for aiding relaxation in individuals

    • We all know reading isn't always for pleasure. Next time you are struggling to get through a scientific paper that you have to finish, reward yourself. Take a bar of chocolate to make it through, or reward yourself at the end.
    • Okay lastly, and most importantly chocolate is absolutely delicious and pairs with almost anything including books!

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