Chapon Chocolat Fiji 75%

Chapon Chocolat Fiji 75%

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Chapon Chocolat is a creation by Patrice Chapon, a multi-award winning chocolatier and chocolate visionary. Before becoming his own chocolatier, he worked various culinary jobs. One of Patrice's early culinary jobs was as an official ice cream maker for Buckingham Palace, where he satisfied the British royal family’s sweet tooth with his fresh fruit sorbets and ice cream. In London, Patrice found his true calling, chocolate. He fell in love with chocolate displays at Harrod's department store. When he returned to France in 1985, he began making chocolates in his workshop. Fast forward to present day and his chocolates have won numerous awards, Chapon now has six stores, five in France and one in Japan.

Fiji is an origin that is not often experienced in fine chocolate so this bar is exceptional not only in taste but availability. Now is your opportunity to savor smooth chocolate with notes of caramel, brown fruit and grapes. Pair with a brandy at the end of a dinner party as you linger into the evening reminiscing.

Tasting notes: Caramel & Grapes

Weight: 75g

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