Luisa Abram Rio Purus Wild Cocoa 70%

Luisa Abram Rio Purus Wild Cocoa 70%

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Luisa Abram is a chocolate maker from Brazil. Much could be said in praise of Luisa Abram‘s chocolate, from the rarest, wild-harvested cacao she taps, to the slow-churned fermentation, small-batch micro-lot production techniques, and so much more. However, none of that can quite convey how singular the taste is. The notes of cacao are direct, clear, and pure but also arresting in just how unique they are compared to any other chocolate. 

The cacao sourced for the Rio Purus Wild Cocoa 70% comes from the Pyros River region of Brazil and is grown wild. They add nothing but a little organic sugar to the chocolate, giving the true flavour of Amazonian cacao. The chocolate is hand-crafted at a workshop in Sao Paolo, Brazil. 

Tasting notes: Cardamom, Molasses & Anise

Weight: 80g

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