Ranger Dark Milk 66%

Ranger Dark Milk 66%

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Based on family recipes and named for founder George Domurot’s niece, a National Park Service Forest Ranger, Ranger Chocolate Company carefully handles each cacao bean to unlock nuance, regionality, and terroir-driven flavors in their chocolate. Ranger’s addictive granolas, caramel sauce, and gourmet candy bars complement their two-ingredient single-origin bars for a unique product line. Like all good Rangers, they also take care of the planet, using candy bar proceeds to plant trees and take care of wildlife.

Ranger added quality sugar and milk to their single-origin Colombian cacao beans to get this fantastic dark milk bar. This bar offers just as much depth of flavour as any one of their dark chocolate bars. 

Tasting notes: Malt & Butter

Weight: 64g

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