Rococo Honeycomb Crunch Organic White Chocolate 40% Bee Bar

Rococo Honeycomb Crunch Organic Milk Chocolate 40% Bee Bar

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Rococo Chocolates is a British chocolate maker with over thirty-five years of expertise. Rococo Chocolates brings taste and experience to chocolate lovers. They believe in setting new chocolate trends and continuing to innovate the chocolate industry. They use the finest ingredients and attention to detail into every single one of their chocolates resulting in an exquisite taste.

Crunchy honeycomb is enrobed in rich and creamy milk chocolate to create a sophisticated twist on a childhood favourite, this bar is hard to resist with even diehard dark chocolate fans being converted. Rococo’s 40% cacao organic milk chocolate blend includes a little extra cocoa butter for a silky texture.

Tasting notes: Honey & Cacao

Weight: 20g

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