Tibito Chocolate Putumayo 70%

Tibito Chocolate Putumayo 70%

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Tibito Chocolate started in 2015 out of curiosity and desire to explore the richness of Colombian cacao beans. They believed Colombia's cacao was not being fully exploited and decided to work in order to achieve the credit that both Colombian cacao beans and chocolate deserve. With this in mind, they carefully created top-quality artisan chocolate, by using the wonderful richness and great variety of the cacao beans found in different Colombian regions. Their chocolate is a marvelous trip throughout Colombia’s cacao flavors, fragrances, and textures.

The cacao for this Tibito chocolate bar is grown in the south-west of Colombia, Putumayo department. The chocolate bar has a nice dark colour with a floral aroma and creamy taste.

Tasting notes: Brown Sugar, Red Fruit & Woody

Weight: 40g

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