Cacao Hunters Tumaco 82%

Cacao Hunters Tumaco 82%

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Cacao Hunters transforms cacao beans from different corners of Colombia into single terroir chocolate bars. They promote and encourage farmers dedicated to producing wild and heirloom cacao varieties, and help them with their farming practices to improve the fine flavor of cacao. Cacao Hunters achieves sustainability that goes beyond producing the best Colombian chocolate by preserving rare varieties of cacao production. Cacao Hunters have won two back to back gold medals at the International chocolate awards.

This bar is a bar of deep and rich chocolate from the Pacific jungle. The cacao grows inside the forest, in a land where hearts beat to the beat of the drums. In its seeds is the character of the forest, to give vigor to a bar of chocolate that awakens a memory of wood and nuts.

Taste Notes: Caramel nutty, bold earthy and woody notes.

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