Cacaosuyo Piura Milk Chocolate w/ Quinoa 40% Mini

$3.99 USD

“The best-kept secret of the Incas,” made at origin in Peru. Cacaosuyo are chocolate geeks’ elite rockstars. Minimally processed chocolate bars express each Peruvian cacao strain’s genetics in crystal clear surround sound. Their unrivaled attention to detail and direct trade practices are key in improving the lives of producers and preserving rare varietals that would otherwise be lost to more industrial, “productive” strains.

Chocolate and ancient grains marry deliciously in this milk chocolate bar showcasing two native Peruvian ingredients: lightly roasted quinoa and rare white cacao. Dating back centuries, Quinoa is a healthful ancient grain consumed as a staple in the Incan diet, who refer to it as the 'mother grain'. The quinoa in this bar is lightly toasted to compliment the creamy milk chocolate from Porcelana cacao beans of Piura.

Tasting notes: Nutty, Butterscotch, Creamy, Crunchy & Fermented Tangy Milk

Weight: 25g

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