Goodio X Ivana Helsinki Candied Chamomile 49% (Limited Edition)

$9.99 USD

Founded in 2015, Goodio is a food pioneer with a big heart. The story started with a question: “What if there was a food brand you could trust?”Goodio was created on the principles of sustainability, well-being, and transparency. It's a vision to bring Nordic-inspired flavors to a chocolate brand for the global consumer.

This bar of chocolate is part of The Goodio x Ivana Helsinki line. A collaboration with Finnish independent fashion, art, and film brand Ivana Helsinki. Ivana Helsinki designed the packaging of four chocolate bars in this collection. Each bar in this collection features a unique floral tone combined with unadulterated vegan chocolate, wrapped in packaging designed by the elegant art, fashion, and cinema brand.

Candies & flowers & hazy summer hours - exclusive craft chocolate topped with crispy and delicate chamomile.

Tasting notes: 

Weight: 48g

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