Marou Maison Caramelized Nibs 65%

$11.49 USD

Marou was one of the first bean to bar makers in Asia. When Vincent Mourou left his advertising career in San Francisco, he moved to Vietnam to find himself. This is when Vincent met Samuel Maruta, a banker from France living in Saigon with his wife and two kids. The two had nothing but a blender, an oven, cake tins, and Sam's kitchen. Samuel and Vincent continue to work with a tight network of small farmers who they buy the best quality beans from.

Cacao nibs contain everything you need to be a better person: heaps of magnesium, high doses of theobromide, and galaxies of flavor. Marou caramelized their favorites and coated them, in chocolate to help you appreciate just how good they are.

Tasting notes: Caramel

Weight: 80g

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