Oodaalolly Dark Chocolate 70%

Oodaalolly Dark Chocolate 70%

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Oodaalolly is a small batch bean to bar maker from Southern California sourcing cacao exclusively from the Philippines, where founder and maker Hernan Lauber origins start. Oodaalolly says the Philippines is the Napa Valley of cacao, the climate, soil, and amazing culture of the Philippines contribute to the distinct and delightful flavor of the nation’s cacao. The chocolate Oodaalolly makes is in small batches, and perfectly captures the specific flavors and nuances of cacao beans grown in the Philippines. Using Swiss chocolate techniques, Oodaalolly ensures their chocolate always has that satisfying snap, silky texture, and sense of delight that real chocolate lovers crave.

This single-origin 70% dark chocolate bar uses the finest quality of Filipino cacao. Using only two ingredients, cacao, and cane sugar, this bar offers a full-bodied, earthy and smooth taste.

Tasting notes: Fruity & Earthy

Weight: 85g

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