Smooth Chocolator Peru Chuncho 70%

Smooth Chocolator Peru Chuncho 70%

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The Smooth Chocolator is a small batch, bean to bar chocolate maker based in Geelong, Australia. Their mission is to bring out the natural characters of each cacao bean in the chocolate they make. When you taste their single-origin bars, you are tasting the cacao bean, they merely help enhance the flavors. All of the cacao used is ethically sourced and transparently traded. The cacao is carefully roasted, cracked, winnowed, conched and tempered. A time-consuming but rewarding process which results in a well crafted delicious chocolate. 

The Peruvian Chuncho cacao beans come from small cacao pods grown in the Southern Sierra (highlands). Chocolate made from Chuncho beans has beautiful notes of dried flowers, herbs and cherries. 

Tasting notes: Dried Flowers, Herbs, Cherries

Weight: 70g

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