Let's take a closer look at what chocolates you can expect to receive this month with the Kekao Box

French Broad Chocolate

French Broad Chocolate, founded by Dan Rattigan and Jael Skeffington, evolved from a cacao plantation in Costa Rica to a renowned bean-to-bar chocolate maker in Asheville, North Carolina. Embracing the cultural terroir of Asheville, they incorporate local ingredients and collaborate with the community to craft unique chocolates. Their journey reflects a commitment to quality, innovation, and a deep connection to their environment, symbolized by their namesake, the French Broad River.

French Broad Costa Rica 80%

This chocolate contains a robust eighty percent cacao with an earthy aroma. The flavor profile begins with chocolate wafer cookie and transforms into tart raspberry.

Wafer Cookie and Tart Raspberry

Pump Street Chocolate

Pump Street Chocolate is a family-run bakery and chocolate maker located in Suffolk, England, known for its dedication to quality and craft. Transitioning from artisan bread to bean-to-bar chocolate, Pump Street has garnered acclaim for its  approach to chocolate making. Sourcing cacao beans from the finest single estates and cooperatives around the world, they roast, grind, and conch in small batches, focusing on bringing out the distinct flavors of each origin. 

Pump Street Madagascar Ambanja 72%

A dark chocolate packed with flavour brought out of the fruity Madagascan beans. This chocolate has high notes of citrus mellowing into tropical fruits; ending with balanced acidity.

Citrus and Tropical Frutis

 Pump Street Madagascar Ambanja 72%

Manoa Chocolate Hawaii

Manoa Chocolate is a premium artisan chocolate brand, renowned for its rich, high-quality chocolates made from ethically sourced cacao. Each bar is crafted with meticulous care in Hawaii, capturing the unique flavors of the local terroir. Known for their sustainable practices and innovative flavors, Manoa Chocolate combines traditional techniques with exotic Hawaiian ingredients to create a luxurious chocolate experience. Their collection ranges from bold dark chocolates to creative flavor infusions, embodying the spirit of Hawaii in every bite.

Manoa Goat Milk 69%

This bar has a unique flavor that reminds us of a dark chocolate cheesecake. With only 20% sugar and 11% goat milk powder, it has both the characteristics of a bold dark chocolate and the rich creaminess of a milk chocolate.

Bold, Tangy and Creamy

Manoa Goat Milk 69%


Dick Taylor Chocolate

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate, based in California, is renowned for its meticulous bean-to-bar process. Using the finest fair-trade cacao and traditional techniques, they transform simple ingredients into exquisite chocolate bars. Known for their attention to detail, they roast, crack, winnow, stone-grind, and temper small batches of chocolate, ensuring quality and flavor. Their packaging, with its distinct, elegant designs, matches the sophistication of the chocolate inside. Dick Taylor's commitment to sustainability and direct relationships with cacao farmers reflect their dedication not just to great chocolate, but to a better world.

Dick Taylor Vanilla Milk Chocolate 55%

Starting with the highest quality Brazilian cacao, and the best old-fashioned organic A2/A2 whole milk from Alexandre Family Farm, they have created a deliciously creamy 55% milk chocolate. It is highlighted by a very special addition of Madagascan Vanilla Beans.

Creamy and Vanilla


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Actual chocolate received in any given month may feature different chocolates than described in this blog post.

March 11, 2024