As Labor Day draws near, many employers are scratching their heads over what gift would truly express their gratitude and appreciation for their hardworking employees. Traditional gifts are a safe bet, but they often lack the element of surprise and genuine thoughtfulness. Enter the revolutionary trend of subscription box gifts, which is transforming the way employers express their appreciation.

Revolutionizing Employee Recognition: The Rise of Subscription Box Gifts

The Rise of Subscription Boxes

The concept of subscription boxes isn't new, but it's experienced a dramatic surge in popularity over recent years. It's easy to see why – they offer unique experiences, a sense of surprise, and a convenient means to discover new products. For corporations, subscription boxes are becoming an inventive way to break the mold of customary corporate gifts and express appreciation in a memorable and ongoing way.

These boxes, carefully curated and delivered monthly or quarterly, offer a continuous supply of novel items that cater to diverse interests. From gourmet foods to hobby-related items, and from wellness products to personalized stationery, there's a subscription box for virtually every interest out there. It's this adaptability and element of personalization that's making them a rising star in the corporate world.


Why Subscription Boxes Make Great Employee Gifts

In a time when personalization and individual recognition have become critical in maintaining employee motivation and loyalty, subscription boxes hit the mark. They offer a personalized experience tailored to the recipient's likes and interests, adding an element of anticipation and excitement that traditional corporate gifts often lack.

Unlike one-time gifts, subscription boxes provide a continuous token of recognition, reminding employees of the company's appreciation month after month. They also cater to a broad range of interests, making it easier for employers to offer something for everyone.

Moreover, these boxes encourage discovery and can help employees develop new hobbies, indulge in self-care, or enjoy a gastronomic treat. This positive association indirectly strengthens the bond between employers and employees, fostering a more engaged and satisfied workforce.

Employee Subscription Box

Top 5 Subscription Box Ideas for Labor Day

Here are five diverse and exciting subscription box ideas that would make ideal Labor Day gifts:

  1. Gourmet Food & Drinks: If you're looking for an exceptional gifting experience for the foodies and connoisseurs on your team, a gourmet subscription box can be a magnificent choice. These boxes elevate the concept of employee gifts to a whole new level, offering unique tastings that can't be found on a typical supermarket shelf.

    The Kekao Box, for instance, provides an exclusive adventure through the enticing world of premium craft chocolate. With every delivery, recipients are treated to a curated selection of the finest craft chocolates from world-renowned chocolate makers. These aren't just your everyday chocolates; each piece carries its distinctive flavor profile, varying from fruity notes to deep, rich earthy tones. Accompanying the delectable treats are the fascinating stories behind each chocolate - the origin of the cacao beans, the unique process of the chocolate maker, and the love and passion poured into each chocolate bar. The anticipation of discovering a new selection of chocolates every month adds a dash of excitement that extends far beyond Labor Day.

    Another gourmet treat that's sure to be a hit is The Gourmet Cheese of the Month Club. As the name suggests, it offers a monthly delivery of hand-crafted, artisanal cheeses from around the globe. The selection is meticulously curated by cheese experts, ensuring only the finest products make it into the box. Each delivery includes a variety of cheeses, with detailed tasting notes and cheesemaker profiles. This additional information enriches the tasting experience, helping recipients appreciate the intricate flavors, textures, and techniques behind each cheese.

    Gifting a gourmet food and drink subscription box is not just about providing a tasty treat. It's about presenting a unique culinary journey that allows your employees to explore and appreciate the world of gourmet food, right from the comfort of their homes. The monthly anticipation and delight of unboxing the latest selection make these gifts a memorable and ongoing celebration of appreciation.

  2. Books: For the avid readers in your team, a book subscription box can be a game-changer. With a service like the Book of the Month, they'll receive a selection of new releases each month, ensuring they're always ahead of the curve in the literary world. This subscription box is designed to cater to varying tastes and preferences, offering a variety of genres from thrilling mysteries to poignant memoirs and everything in between. Subscribers can choose their preferred title from a selection of five expertly curated books each month. The beauty of this box lies in its simplicity - it's just about the joy of discovering and reading great books. So, if you have employees who are always on the hunt for their next captivating read, a Book of the Month subscription could be the ideal Labor Day gift for them.

  3. Wellness: Recognizing the importance of health and well-being in the workplace has never been more crucial. Subscription boxes that focus on wellness offer a thoughtful way to show your employees that their mental and physical health is a priority to the company. These boxes typically include an assortment of self-care items, organic products, fitness gear, and more.

    TheraBox is a prime example of such a subscription box. Each box is carefully curated to inspire more joy and relaxation in your employees' lives. Inside, they'll discover an array of health and wellness products designed to reduce stress, boost mood, and promote self-care. Items may include soothing aromatherapy oils, luxurious skincare products, organic bath soaps, wellness teas, motivational books, and even mindfulness activities.

    More than just a gift, a wellness subscription box like TheraBox sends a clear message to your employees that their well-being matters, and that you care about their holistic health. With this gift, your employees won't just feel appreciated, they'll feel cared for and valued, which can lead to increased morale, productivity, and workplace satisfaction. This Labor Day, consider giving the gift of well-being, with a wellness subscription box.

  4. Hobbies & Crafts: There's a creative spirit in each of us, waiting to be unleashed. For the inventive minds in your team, a hobby and craft subscription box could provide the perfect avenue for artistic exploration and self-expression. These boxes not only offer a great pastime activity but also contribute to stress relief and a sense of achievement.

    Take the The Adults & Crafts Crate, for instance. This unique subscription box caters to the DIY enthusiasts among us, delivering exciting craft projects to your employees' doorstep every month. 

    The joy of crafting is amplified when shared. Encourage your employees to share their finished crafts in virtual team meetings or on the company's social media channels. This can foster a sense of community, sparking conversations, and strengthening bonds among team members.

    By offering a hobby and craft subscription box like Adults & Crafts Crate, you're giving more than just a gift; you're providing an experience, a moment of relaxation, and a platform for your employees to express their creativity. This Labor Day, let their creative spirits soar with a subscription box that's crafted for enjoyment and personal growth.

  5. Tech & Gadgets: In an era where technology is evolving at a rapid pace, a tech and gadget subscription box can be a thrilling surprise for your tech-savvy employees. These boxes cater to those who are always on the lookout for the latest gadgets, tech accessories, or even exciting coding projects.

    Gadget Discovery Club is a subscription box that stands out in this category. It offers a novel way for your employees to stay ahead of the tech curve by delivering an innovative, high-quality gadget each month. The range of gadgets is vast and varied, including anything from smart home devices and wearable tech to advanced audio tech and cool smartphone accessories.

    Each gadget is a surprise, adding an element of suspense and excitement to each monthly delivery. Additionally, each box contains a gadget guide that offers detailed information about the gadget, its uses, and how to get the best out of it. This allows your employees to fully understand and appreciate the technology they've received.

    Beyond just being fun and exciting, tech & gadget subscription boxes like Gadget Discovery Club can also offer practical value. The gadgets included are designed to make life easier, more efficient, or more entertaining. They can introduce your employees to new technologies they might not have encountered, sparking curiosity and encouraging continuous learning.

    So, for the gadget geeks in your office, giving a tech subscription box can be a unique and thoughtful way of acknowledging their interests. This Labor Day, gift them a dose of tech excitement that lasts beyond just a single day. Not only will it put a smile on their faces, but it can also contribute to building a modern, tech-savvy workforce.

How to Choose the Right Subscription Box

Choosing the right subscription box involves careful consideration of several factors. Begin by understanding your employees' interests. Surveys can be useful in gathering this information. Budget is another important factor. Many companies offer different tiers, so find one that fits within your budget while still providing quality items. Consider the frequency of delivery—monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly and match it with what you think your employees would prefer.

Also, consider the vendor's reputation. Make sure they are known for delivering high-quality products on time and offering good customer service. Finally, consider the flexibility of the subscription, such as whether it can be paused or canceled easily, and whether it allows for customization.

Implementing Subscription Boxes into Your Recognition Program

Subscription boxes can be an innovative addition to your existing employee recognition program. Here are a few tips on how to implement them:

  1. Personalize: As much as possible, personalize the boxes to match the individual's interests. This shows you value and acknowledges their uniqueness.

  2. Encourage Sharing: Create a company culture where employees are encouraged to share the items they receive in their boxes. This could take the form of social media posts, virtual unboxing events, or casual team meetings. This not only amplifies the enjoyment but also fosters a sense of community.

  3. Celebrate Publicly: When delivering the subscription box, add a note of appreciation. If possible, announce it during a team meeting to give the recognition more impact.

  4. Get Feedback: Regularly get feedback from employees about the boxes. This can help you understand what works and what doesn't, and tweak the program accordingly.


Subscription Box for Employees


Subscription boxes offer a fresh and personalized approach to showing employee appreciation. As we've discussed in our previous blog posts, Satisfy Your Hardworking Employees' Sweet Tooth this Labor Day with Tempting Chocolate, and Labor Day Appreciation: Gift Ideas to Delight Your Employees, recognizing your team's efforts is key to cultivating a positive and engaging workplace.

As an employer, you have the unique opportunity to surprise and delight your employees in a way that aligns with their personal interests and tastes. From gourmet food boxes like the Kekao Box to wellness, books, hobbies, and tech-related boxes, the choices are endless.

By choosing to gift subscription boxes, you are not only providing your employees with a token of appreciation but also offering a constant reminder of your gratitude, month after month. This personalized form of recognition can foster greater employee satisfaction, loyalty, and engagement.

And remember, Labor Day is just one of the many occasions to express employee appreciation. Consider incorporating subscription box gifting into your recognition programs year-round for a lasting impact. For more unique gifting ideas, check out our Corporate Gifts Page.

This Labor Day, step away from conventional, one-time gifts. Embrace the rise of subscription box gifts - an exciting opportunity to revolutionize employee recognition and make every day feel like a special occasion.

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July 06, 2023