The rise of craft chocolate in the USA is a delectable revolution, reflecting a commitment to quality, creativity, and connection. In a market often saturated with mass-produced sweets, craft chocolatiers are taking the stage, offering an authentic and artisanal experience. In this blog, we will journey through the best craft chocolate brands in the USA, unveiling the stories and flavors that redefine indulgence. Join us as we savor the rich taste of innovation, tradition, and passion that characterizes the finest craft chocolate in the USA.

Best Chocolate in The USA

The Rise of Craft Chocolate

The craft chocolate movement in America, gaining significant momentum in the late 2010s, marks a shift toward artisanal methods and away from mass production. Emphasizing quality and ethical sourcing, this movement is a response to a chocolate industry previously dominated by large commercial brands. Beginning with a handful of dedicated chocolatiers, the focus on the bean-to-bar process emerged, allowing for oversight of every stage, from sourcing premium cacao beans to molding the final product. This attention to detail has led to chocolates with unique flavors that reflect the specific origins of the cacao. Coupled with a strong commitment to fair trade practices and sustainable farming, the craft chocolate trend has resonated with consumers seeking authenticity and quality. Since its emergence in the late 2010s, craft chocolate has continued to redefine the American chocolate industry, symbolizing a return to tradition, artistry, and responsible consumerism.

Top Craft Chocolate Brands in America

Here is a list of the top craft chocolate brands in the USA.

Manoa Chocolate Hawaii- Kailua, HI

Manoa Chocolate is an artisanal chocolate maker located in Kailua, Hawaii. They are dedicated to creating high-quality chocolate working closely with cacao farmers in Hawaii and other parts of the world to ensure fair wages and environmentally-friendly farming practices. All of their beans are hand-selected and carefully roasted in small batches to preserve their unique flavors and aromas. Manoa Chocolate is committed to supporting local farmers and promoting sustainable agriculture.


Chocolate bar to try?

Our recommendation is their Mai'a Banana & Nibs 70%

This inclusion bar is a new creation by Manoa. This bar features vibrant artwork by local artist Shar Tuiasoa of Punky Aloha and delicate molding inspired by Polynesian tattoo patterns. Together with historical tidbits about each inclusion ingredient, the complete package of flavor, art, and culture create three bars that do more than taste good: this is chocolate with a sense of place. A fruit brought by Polynesian settlers on their long voyage to Hawaii, banana is known as one of the canoe plants - crops essential for island living. Mai'a (banana), was used as sustenance, offerings to ali'i (ruling chiefs), and as medicine.

Tasting notes: Banana, Passion Fruit & Coconut 

Raaka Chocolate- Brooklyn, NY

Raaka Chocolate, tucked away in Red Hook, Brooklyn, stands as a testament to the art of unroasted chocolate making. Founded on the principles of innovation and transparency, Raaka sources single-origin cacao beans directly from growers, ensuring fair trade and superior quality. Their chocolates stand out for their bold, distinct flavors, an outcome of their unique unroasted process which retains the natural notes of the cacao. Besides their exceptional chocolate, Raaka also offers factory tours, providing a behind-the-scenes peek into their craft, making it a destination not just for chocolate enthusiasts, but also for those keen on understanding the journey from bean to bar.


Chocolate bar to try?

Our recommendation is their Raaka Pink Sea Salt 71%

A fruity, complex salted dark chocolate to end all salted dark chocolates. Made with single-origin cacao from Zorzal Cacao, a farm and fermentary within a bird sanctuary in the Dominican Republic, and sprinkled with Peruvian pink salt sourced from Salt of The Earth Co. We think New York Magazine said it best: this bar has a “deep, dark, mysterious flavor with hints of cherry; and a finish as long as a David Foster Wallace footnote.”

Tasting notes: Earthy & Cherry

Amano Artisan Chocolate- Orem, UT

Amano Chocolate is a shining beacon in the American craft chocolate scene, located in Orem, Utah. Known for their meticulous bean-to-bar process, they source the finest cocoa beans from remote plantations around the world to create chocolate that sings with unique flavor profiles. Their dedication to quality, combined with an artisan approach, has earned them numerous awards and a reputation as one of the premier craft chocolate makers in the USA. Chocolate enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike celebrate Amano for their commitment to excellence and innovation in every delectable bite.


Chocolate bar to try?

Our recommendation is their Amano Macoris 70%

This is one of their newest single-origin bars. Made with beans from the Dominican Republic this bar has hints of apricot, caramel, brown sugar, and cream all held together with a rich earthy chocolate base.

Tasting notes: 
Apricot, Caramel, Brown Sugar & Cream

Ranger Chocolate Company- Portland, OR

Ranger Chocolate, hailing from the vibrant city of Portland, Oregon, has carved a niche in the craft chocolate industry with its focus on ethically-sourced and thoughtfully-produced treats. Embracing a bean-to-bar philosophy, they transform single-origin cocoa beans into exquisite chocolate that reflects both the terroir of the beans and the creativity of the city. Sustainability and community engagement are at the heart of their brand, as they collaborate with local farmers and artisans. With a variety of delectable offerings, Ranger Chocolate is a must-try for anyone seeking a unique and conscientious chocolate experience in the Pacific Northwest.


Chocolate bar to try?

Our recommendation is their Maple 66%

Maple sugar is made by evaporating the water from maple sap, leaving behind pure maple sugar crystals. Maple sugar tends to have a sweeter taste. Paired with a bold fruit forward Trinitario cacao, the resulting chocolate bar has a unique flavor profile that we think you're going to love.

Tasting notes: Strawberry & Maple

Dick Taylor Chocolate- Eureka, CA

Dick Taylor Chocolate, based in Eureka, California, is a true embodiment of the craft chocolate movement, with an artisanal approach that starts right from the cocoa bean. Founded by two former carpenters, their attention to detail and dedication to quality shine through in their small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolates. Sourcing the finest cocoa from around the globe, they transform raw beans into elegant and nuanced chocolate, rich in flavor and texture. The packaging, often as beautiful as the chocolate itself, is a testament to their commitment to craftsmanship, making Dick Taylor Chocolate a standout brand in the world of fine chocolate.



Chocolate bar to try?

Dick Taylor Madagascar, Sambirano 72%

Our recommendation is their Dick Taylor Madagascar, Sambirano 72%

The Cacao from Bertil Akesson’s plantation in the Sambirano Valley of Madagascar is hands down some of the best and most consistent in the world. It was the first cacao they ever purchased and made into chocolate and continues to be one of their favorites. Classic citrus notes are balanced with fruit and nut. 

Tasting notes: Citrus, Fruity & Nutty

LetterPress Chocolate- Los Angeles, CA

Letterpress Chocolate, located in Los Angeles, California, has garnered attention for its exceptional bean-to-bar chocolate-making process. They work directly with cacao farmers, carefully selecting beans that are then handcrafted into small batches of artisanal chocolate. This dedication to the craft has led to chocolates rich in unique and nuanced flavors, reflecting both the terroir of the bean and the creativity of the chocolatiers. Their commitment to quality and ethical sourcing places Letterpress Chocolate among the standout brands in the American craft chocolate landscape.


Chocolate bar to try?

LetterPress Tranquilidad Bolivia 70%

Our recommendation is their LetterPress Tranquilidad Bolivia 70%

Tranquilidad is wild-harvested cacao from Bolivia and fermented by world-renowned cacao expert Volker Lehmann. The Heirloom Cacao Preservation Fund had these beans genetically tested by the USDA and it's been verified 97.3% Boliviano, also known as Beniano cacao. You've heard of Criollo, Nacional, and Porcelana? Beniano is in a class all its own.

Tasting notes: Buttercream & Espresso

Crow & Moss Chocolate- Petoskey, MI

Crow & Moss started in a basement and was born out of owner Mike Davies' sudden desire to learn how to make craft chocolate while driving home from work. With his initial setup, he began his journey and never looked back. Now, the company produces artisan chocolate in 100-pound batches at their 2000-square-foot factory in Petoskey Michigan, aiming to bring unique and authentic flavor experiences to chocolate lovers worldwide.


Chocolate bar to try?
Our recommendation is their Vanilla Smoke Dark Chocolate Bar 69%

For this inclusion bar, they've taken whole Madagascar vanilla beans and paired them with a hint of hickory smoked cacao and a touch of salt to create a fruity, floral twist with a nostalgic campfire finish. 

Tasting Notes: Smokey

Taza Chocolate- Somerville, MA

Taza Chocolate, based in Somerville, Massachusetts, has pioneered a unique approach to chocolate making, utilizing traditional Mexican stone mills called molinos to grind their cocoa beans. This method imparts a distinctive gritty texture and robust flavor to their chocolate, setting them apart from other craft chocolatiers. Committed to ethical practices, Taza Chocolate follows a transparent Direct Trade model, ensuring fair wages and working conditions for cocoa farmers. Their bold and unrefined products, coupled with a dedication to sustainability, have helped make Taza a beloved and innovative leader in the craft chocolate industry in the USA.


Chocolate bar to try?
Taza Chocolate Mexicano Cacao Puro 70%
Our recommendation is their Taza Chocolate Mexicano Cacao Puro 70%

Taza Chocolate's Mexicano Cacao Puro 70% delivers a pure and powerful chocolate experience, capturing the essence of cocoa with its distinctive stone-ground texture. This bold and unrefined treat, made with organic and ethically-sourced ingredients, offers chocolate enthusiasts a rich and authentic taste that pays homage to traditional Mexican chocolate-making methods.

Tasting notes: Bold & Fruity

Ritual Chocolate- Park City, UT

Ritual Chocolate, based in Park City, Utah, crafts their chocolate with an emphasis on quality and sustainability, using classic European methods. By controlling every step of their bean-to-bar process, they create chocolate that highlights the unique flavors of each cocoa bean's origin. Their commitment to working directly with cocoa farmers ensures ethical practices, and the small-batch approach ensures each bar's rich flavor and smooth texture. The purity and integrity in Ritual Chocolate's approach have earned them a well-deserved reputation among chocolate enthusiasts seeking a refined and conscientious chocolate experience.


Chocolate bar to try?

Ritual S'Mores 70%

Our recommendation is their Ritual S'Mores 70%

Caramelized sugar and graham cracker crumbs in dark chocolate mimic the irresistible, toasted smores qualities in craft chocolate for a no-fuss, less-sweet treat. A part of Ritual's Mountain Line, this bar is perfect to take along on a journey for a twist on classic smores.

Tasting Notes: Marshmallow, Graham Cracker, Caramelized Sugar & Fudgy Chocolate

Final Thoughts

The rise of craft chocolate in the USA has ushered in a golden era of quality, creativity, and ethical consciousness in the chocolate industry. Driven by passionate chocolatiers, it has become a transformative movement that prioritizes bean-to-bar processes, responsible sourcing, and innovation in flavor and texture. From the tropical vibes of Hawaii's Manoa Chocolate to the traditional techniques of Massachusetts' Taza Chocolate, the variety and richness of offerings across the nation showcase the immense dedication to craftsmanship and sustainability. Whether a chocolate connoisseur or a curious taster, the American craft chocolate scene offers a multi-layered experience that transcends mere indulgence, intertwining culture, art, and a heartfelt commitment to the planet and its people. It's a revolution that invites us all to savor chocolate with a deeper connection and appreciation, transforming the simple act of tasting into an exploration of quality, ethics, and creativity.