Men have a particular taste when it comes to things they love. Monthly subscription boxes for men are a fantastic way to gift men something that they will cherish. Subscription boxes cater to a variety of interests, including personal grooming, lifestyle, fashion, tech gadgets, and more. By subscribing to a monthly box, men can receive carefully curated products delivered right to their doorstep, making it an exciting and convenient experience. However, with so many subscription services in the market, it can be daunting to choose the best one. Some offer better value or more variety than others, making it essential to choose wisely. From grooming to lifestyle, a men's subscription box is the perfect gift to treat yourself or surprise someone special.

Subscription Boxes for Men


Is the man in your life a chocolate lover? Look no further than our chocolate subscription gift! By prepaying for three months, you can leave the rest to us. We'll search the globe to find the most exquisite chocolate bars and deliver them straight to their doorstep each month. With a range of flavors from rich, dark Peruvian chocolate to up-and-coming startup bars, each box is sure to delight and surprise. Every month, we'll curate a collection of 4 premium, specialty-crafted chocolate bars that are sure to please even the most discerning palate. After three months, the subscription will end, but the memories of these delectable treats will last a lifetime!

Starting Price: $135/3 months
Frequency: Monthly
Items Per Box: 4
Free Shipping: Yes + Heat Protection in summer


 Pros Cons
  • Experience chocolate from around the world
  • Can pause or modify anytime
  • No customization of boxes


Does he love his martini shaken but not stirred? Then Flaviar might just be the subscription for him. With Flaviar discovering top-quality spirits has never been easier. Every quarter, you'll receive a sample set of carefully curated craft and premium spirits from around the world, including whisky, bourbon, gin, cognac, rum, and more. Each shipment offers a unique and ever-changing selection that's sure to surprise and delight. Plus, with the option to select a full bottle of your favorite spirit from the sample set, you can enjoy your new favorite drink long after the initial tasting experience. With Flaviar's subscription box, you'll be able to explore the world of fine spirits with ease and expand your palate with every sip.

Starting Price: $190 for 2 deliveries 
Frequency: Customized 
Items Per Box: 1 bottle + 1 Tasting Box
Free Shipping: Yes 


 Pros Cons
  • Flexible shipping schedule
  • Large selection of spirits
  • Does not ship to all states



For those men who have an obsession for Japanese culture and food, they'll love Bokksu's subscription box! It features a variety of delicious Japanese snacks and treats. With Bokksu, each month he will receive a carefully curated selection of 20 to 24 snacks and teas directly sourced from small family businesses in Japan. Along with this, he will receive a guide detailing the origin and flavor of each product. Give the gift of culinary exploration with Bokksu's subscription service and let him discover a world of delicious new treats.

Starting Price: $49.99/month
Frequency: Monthly
Items Per Box: 20-22 Japanese snacks 
Free Shipping: Yes 


Pros Cons
  • Experience Japan from the comfort of your home
  • Long shipping times



For the man who likes to spice up his scent. Scentbird simplifies the process. For a monthly subscription fee of $16, the service provides a chance to test a variety of branded colognes without purchasing a full-sized bottle. Scentbird offers more than 150 fragrances to choose from each month, and his preferred scent will be delivered in a travel-friendly spray bottle. 

Starting Price: $48/3 month
Frequency: Monthly
Items Per Box: 1 Sample Bottle
Free Shipping: Yes 


Pros Cons
  • Large selection of fragrances
  • Free shipping
  • Travel size fragrances


Dollar Shave Club

Dollar Shave Club is renowned for simplifying the process of achieving an affordable, high-quality shave. You can select from three blade options - twin, four-blade, or six-blade - or opt for a starter set, which includes the razor and some of the club's most popular grooming products.

Starting Price: $10/month
Frequency: Monthly
Items Per Box: 1 
Free Shipping: Yes 


Pros Cons
  • Great Value 
  • High Quality
  • Not for the casual groomer


Beer Drop

Beer Drop is the ideal beer subscription for him, regardless of his beer preference. Every month, he will receive beers sourced from five different breweries, based on his preferred styles. With a vast network of over 50 breweries and 400 unique beers each month, you can make sure he never runs out of choices.

Starting Price: $33/month
Frequency: Monthly
Items Per Box: 6 to 10 beers 
Free Shipping: No


Pros Cons
  • This is an excellent way to discover new and exciting beers
  • Wide range of beer selections available
  • Expensive


The Rad Dad Box

This box is for the new Dad in mind. The Rad Dad Box provides a convenient monthly package that encourages Dad self-care and baby bonding, all in one. The plan consists of 4-5 essential items that help you connect with your newborn and acclimate to fatherhood. The box often includes a Dad-themed children's book, toys, self-care items such as soap, snacks, and Dad swag!

Starting Price: $27.99/month
Frequency: Monthly
Items Per Box: 4 to 5 items
Free Shipping: $9.25 shipping/box


Pros Cons
  • Great customer service
  • Tailored to new Dads


BreoBox is the ultimate subscription for men who love tech, gadgets, and innovative home goods. Each season, BreoBox delivers a hand-packed selection of 4-8 items curated to fit the current season, ensuring practical and exciting surprises. From cutting-edge technology to must-have home essentials, every box offers a thoughtful and practical gift that caters to his interests, making it a top choice for men who appreciate the latest in lifestyle and tech innovations.

Starting Price: $169.5/two quarters 
Frequency: Quarterly
Items Per Box: 4 to 8 items
Free Shipping: Yes


Pros Cons
  • Good Variety
  • High-Quality Products
  • Gift-Worthy
  • Cost
  • Seasonal Delivery


Atlas Coffee Club

Atlas Coffee Club is an excellent gift for men who appreciate the art of coffee. Each month, it delivers freshly roasted beans from a different country, complete with tasting notes, brewing tips, and a postcard from the country of origin. This subscription offers a unique opportunity to explore global coffee cultures and flavors from the comfort of home. With its emphasis on quality and discovery, Atlas Coffee Club turns a daily routine into an exciting and educational journey, making it a thoughtful and practical gift.

Starting Price: $55/3 months 
Frequency: Months
Items Per Box: 1 Bag
Free Shipping: Yes


Pros Cons
  • Global Exploration of Coffee
  • High-Quality Coffee
  • Fresh Coffee
  • Not for the average coffee drinker

Here are the subscription boxes for men

1. Kekao: Chocolate subscription gift featuring 4 premium chocolate bars each month.
2. Flaviar: Spirits subscription with craft and premium spirits, including a tasting box and a full bottle.
3. Bokksu: Japanese snacks and treats, featuring 20-24 items sourced from small family businesses in Japan.
4. ScentBird: Monthly fragrance subscription offering travel-sized branded colognes.
5. Dollar Shave Club: Shaving products with various blade options and grooming items.
6. Beer Drop: Monthly beer subscription featuring beers from five different breweries.
7. The Rad Dad Box: Monthly box for new dads, featuring self-care items and baby bonding tools.
8. BreoBox: Quarterly box with tech, gadgets, and home goods curated for the season.
9.  Atlas Coffee Club: Monthly coffee subscription with freshly roasted beans from different countries.

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May 28, 2024