OmNom Coffee + Milk 38%

$7.99 USD

Omnom is a small-batch, craft chocolate maker based in Reykjavík, Iceland. The company started as an experiment to see if the two friends could master how to make chocolate. From the start, they received positive tasting feedback. After receiving positive feedback, they set up a small chocolate-making lab inside a converted gas station and launched. Omnom's mission is to make the best chocolate possible using the highest quality of ingredients.

OmNom's Milk+Coffee is classified as a chocolate bar; however, there's not really any cocoa solids to speak of here. You see, this bar is made entirely from coffee beans. No cacao mass at all. There is some cocoa butter for texture's sake, but this is truly a coffee bar. Given that, it's the ultimate midday pick-me-up, the treat hidden in your desk, the snack you really should keep away from the kids, the heaven on earth kind of bar... you get the idea, right? Treat yourself to a new kind of bar, the coffee kind.

Tasting notes: Coffee Beans & Cream

Weight: 60g

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