Ranger Espresso 74% Large

$9.99 USD

Based on family recipes and named for founder George Domurot’s niece, a National Park Service Forest Ranger, Ranger Chocolate Company carefully handles each cacao bean to unlock nuance, regionality, and terroir-driven flavors in their chocolate.

Ranger's Espresso Chocolate Bar strikes a balance between two of our most beloved items on the planet, chocolate, and espresso. They collaborated with some of the best coffee roasters in Portland to produce a warm and welcoming bar. They work with Trailhead Coffee Roasters to pair their Classic Espresso Blend with a 50/50 blend of their cacao from the Tumaco region in Colombia and a new bean they've been working with from forest edge communities surrounding the Gola Rainforest National Park in Sierra Leone.

Tasting notes: Cream & Carmel  

Weight: 64g