The craft chocolate movement, also known as "bean-to-bar," originally flourished in the United States during the early 2010s with pioneers like Dick Taylor, Raaka, Dandelion Chocolate, and Fruition Chocolate Works leading the way. This dedication to overseeing the entire chocolate-making process from direct purchase of beans to the finished bars has ignited a global transformation. Artisans worldwide are now embracing the bean-to-bar movement, producing controlled small batches ethically and sustainably. 

Canada, has experienced a notable surge in the bean-to-bar chocolate revolution. The country boasts a growing list of bean-to-bar makers, each bringing a unique flair to the industry. We compiled a list of the Canadian chocolate makers you absolutely must try.

Qantu Cacao Et Chocolat, Montreal, QC

Qantu Chocolate's origin traces back to Elfi and Maxime's chance encounter in Cusco, Peru, sparking a mutual passion for cocoa. Inspired by the artisan bean-to-bar movement and the rich flavors of chocolate, they founded Qantu Chocolate in 2016, drawing on their unique backgrounds from cocoa-producing and chocolate-consuming countries. Their commitment quickly translated into international acclaim, with their initial bars winning prestigious awards at the Academy of Chocolate Awards in London by 2017. Named after the national flower of Peru and Bolivia, Qantu symbolizes unity and hospitality, reflecting the founders' heritage and the inspiration behind their venture.

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Hummingbird Chocolate, Almonte, ON

Drew and Erica's journey into chocolate making was inspired by their international careers working with farmers in developing countries, from Afghanistan to Zimbabwe. Their deep respect for food producers led them naturally to chocolate making upon leaving Kabul, starting as a private hobby that quickly evolved into a passion fueled by friends' demand and the addition of talented team members. Hummingbird Chocolate is founded on the principle of taking the time to do things right, from selecting the perfect beans to crafting the finest chocolate. Their commitment to quality and learning in the chocolate-making process is driven by a love for what they do, aiming to unlock incredible flavors while doing the right thing for farmers and their craft.

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Palette de Bine, Mont-Tremblant, QC

Palette de Bine crafts its chocolate in the picturesque workshop of Mont-Tremblant, focusing on the art of small-batch production. The name, rooted in French Canadian terminology, reflects the brand's deep connection to its cultural heritage, with "palette" referring to a chocolate bar and "bine" meaning beans. This chocolate maker stands out for its commitment to quality, starting with the cocoa bean itself. Each bean is carefully selected from independent producers worldwide, then roasted, winnowed, ground, conched, aged, tempered, moulded, and hand-wrapped with a genuine respect for the craft. Palette de Bine's dedication to transparency and quality ensures each bar embodies the essence of its origins, offering a pure, bean-to-bar experience from the heart of Mont-Tremblant.

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Avanaa, Montreal, QC

Avanaa Chocolate, founded by Cath, a former geologist inspired by her travels through cacao plantations around the world, Avanaa is dedicated to crafting exceptional single-origin bean-to-bar chocolate. With a name paying homage to her time in Nunavut, meaning "coming from the North" in Inuktitut, Avanaa emphasizes the importance of sourcing premium cacao directly from small farms and cooperatives in Latin America. The entire chocolate-making process, from fermentation to roasting, occurs in their Villeray district factory, ensuring unparalleled quality. Avanaa's mission goes beyond delighting taste buds. It supports sustainable agriculture and direct trade, contributing to a better world while offering a slice of daily happiness through delicious chocolate.

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Kasama Chocolate Maker, Vancouver, BC

Kasama Chocolate, established in 2015, started as a hobby and is now an award-winning craft chocolate maker. Rooted in passion for the entire chocolate-making process. Starting with appreciation for the diversity of dark chocolate, led them to explore the intricate craft of making bean-to-bar chocolate. Their commitment to quality and community is evident in their use of local ingredients and collaborative spirit. Kasama has been recognized internationally, securing 15 awards in the 2020-21 Americas competition, including Gold for Chocolate Maker and Direct Trade.

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Chaleur B Chocolate, Carleton, QC

Chaleur B Chocolat passionately crafts its chocolate from bean to bar. Taking up to seven days to create a single tablet, they prioritize the unique aromatic profiles of specific terroirs, ensuring a distinctive tasting experience. By carefully selecting, importing, and processing the finest raw cocoa beans, Chaleur B Chocolat offers a line of chocolate that showcases their commitment to excellence and the rich diversity of flavors inherent to their chosen cocoa origins.

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ChocoSol Traders, Toronto, ON

ChocoSol Traders, founded by Michael Sacco in 2004 in Oaxaca, Mexico, and now based in Toronto since 2006, transforms cacao into small-batch, bean-to-bar, artisanal dark chocolate. Their name embodies connections to the sun (‘Sol’ in Spanish), the soil (‘sol’ in French), and the spirit (‘soul’ in English), reflecting their sustainable and ecological ethos. ChocoSol envisions a food system centered on social justice and dignity, crafting chocolate that benefits mind, body, and soil. They aim to lead and improve the chocolate industry's practices and standards through collaboration with indigenous communities across the Americas .

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East Van Roasters, Vancouver, BC

East Van Roasters, located in Vancouver's Downtown Eastside, is a vibrant social enterprise crafting artisan chocolate and coffee. They aim to offer meaningful employment and mentorship to at-risk residents, blending social mission with culinary artistry. Their dedication extends to producing small-batch, bean-to-bar chocolates, focusing on quality and community enrichment. Each creation is a testament to their commitment to skill, sustainability, and social responsibility, making their chocolate not just a treat for the palate but also a force for positive change.

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Jacek Chocolate Couture, Edmonton, AB

JACEK Chocolate, founded by Jacqueline Jacek, aims to spread joy through its unique blend of fashion and fine chocolate. Pioneering as the world's first to combine these elements, JACEK releases new seasonal creations alongside staple favorites. With a commitment to sustainability and ethical sourcing, JACEK strives to improve the chocolate industry and foster prosperity among cacao farmers. Their efforts have been recognized with several awards, underscoring the quality and impact of their chocolate.

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Sirene, Victoria, BC

Sirene Chocolate, founded by Taylor Kennedy in 2013 after his tenure at the National Geographic Society, dives deep into the chocolate-making process, starting from selecting farms with high-quality beans and ethical working conditions. Sirene views its relationship with farms as a partnership between small businesses, focusing on direct payment and sustainability. The meticulous, three-week to one-month bean-to-bar process is a testament to Sirene's dedication to crafting the finest chocolate, reflecting Kennedy's obsession with understanding life's intricacies and delivering an unparalleled chocolate experience.

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SOMA Chocolate Maker, Toronto, ON

Founded in 2003 by David Castellan and Cynthia Leung, Soma Chocolate Maker began as a quest to explore new forms of chocolate making. Their journey started in a former whisky distillery, quickly evolving from crafting their first batches of chocolate to opening three stores and a factory, supported by a passionate community. Inspired by the mystical concept of "Soma," Soma Chocolate Maker continues to innovate, driven by love and curiosity for chocolate, seeking out the finest cacao beans and engaging with a growing community of chocolate lovers.

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