Salt Lake City, nestled amidst the majestic mountains of Utah, is quietly emerging as a paradise for chocolate aficionados. This scenic city, known for its vibrant outdoor life and historical landmarks, is now gaining a sweet reputation for its burgeoning chocolate scene. What many might not realize is that Salt Lake City is home to an array of chocolate shops that are as diverse and rich in character as the city itself. From bean-to-bar artisans to innovative chocolatiers who blend traditional techniques with modern twists, the city offers a chocolate culture that is both unique and expansive.

Best Salt Lake City's Top Chocolate Shops

Is Salt Lake City Known for Chocolate?

Surprisingly, Salt Lake City, along with the nearby locales of Park City and Provo, forms a vibrant epicenter for artisanal chocolate in the United States. This area, more traditionally recognized for its majestic landscapes and outdoor recreation, has quietly established itself as a hub of small-batch craft chocolate. The region boasts an impressive roster of bean-to-bar chocolate makers, allowing for a delightful tasting tour all within a day's journey.

The local chocolate culture is enriched by festivals, tastings, and workshops that celebrate the fine art of chocolate making. These events not only showcase the diverse talents of Utah's chocolate makers but also cultivate a community of chocolate lovers who appreciate the craft behind every bar.

Salt Lake City's reputation as a destination for chocolate enthusiasts is well-earned. With its unique blend of artisanal creativity, commitment to quality, and a community enthusiastic about sweets, the city offers a rich and immersive chocolate experience.

Salt Lake City's Top Chocolate Shops

Caputo's Market & Deli

Caputo's Market & Deli stands out in Salt Lake City as a premier destination for chocolate enthusiasts, not only for its extensive selection of craft chocolates but also for its deep commitment to the industry. Home to the eagerly anticipated Caputo's Annual Chocolate Festival, Caputo celebrates the rich, complex world of chocolate, inviting enthusiasts to indulge in unique chocolate experiences. Beyond the festival, Caputo's is at the forefront of the Preserving Heirloom Cacao initiative, a testament to their dedication to sustainability and the preservation of chocolate's biodiversity. For those looking to deepen their appreciation of gourmet foods, Caputo's offers classes, including tasting and pairing sessions that expertly combine chocolates with other gourmet foods, providing a comprehensive and educational culinary experience. This commitment to quality, education, and sustainability positions Caputo's Market & Deli as a pillar in the Salt Lake City chocolate community.


Hatch Family Chocolates

Hatch Family Chocolates is a charming, family-run chocolate shop nestled in the heart of Salt Lake City, known for its cozy atmosphere and handcrafted confections that taste like tradition and innovation wrapped in one. Founded by the Hatch family, who pour their passion and artistry into every piece, this boutique chocolatier specializes in creating small-batch, artisanal chocolates that enchant the palate and delight the senses. From rich, velvety truffles to chocolate creations, each piece is a testament to the Hatch family's dedication to quality and creativity. Beyond their exquisite chocolates, Hatch Family Chocolates fosters a warm, welcoming community space where locals gather not just for the sweets, but for the genuine, heartfelt connections. 


Solstice Chocolate

Solstice Chocolate, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, is known for their bean-to-bar chocolates, handcrafted from the finest single-origin cacao. Their award-winning chocolates are celebrated for capturing the unique flavors inherent to the cacao's origin, akin to the distinct notes found in wine or coffee. At the heart of Solstice's mission is a commitment to delivering an unparalleled brand experience through superior craftsmanship and quality in every bite. This dedication is a labor of love, evident in the artistry and premium goodness infused into each small batch of their chocolate, reflecting Solstice's passion for sharing the art of fine chocolate making with the world.


The Chocolate Conspiracy

Chocolate Conspiracy is a distinctive artisan chocolate maker who challenges conventional chocolate production by crafting fine chocolate from bean to bar without roasting. They uniquely sweeten their chocolate with local raw, unfiltered honey, adhering to a mission of preserving the nutritional content of cacao while delivering exceptional flavor. Their commitment extends to using only certified organic ingredients, ensuring their cacao is not just organic but also fair trade and kosher.



Although, not in Salt Lake City, a small drive from SLC you will find Taste117. A distinguished artisanal chocolatier situated in Downtown Provo, Utah, beneath the picturesque Mount Timpanogos, is on a mission to offer chocolates of unparalleled taste and quality. Drawing inspiration from both international and local sources, Taste takes pride in its collaborations with local vendors and farmers, encapsulating the essence of regional festivals, traditions, and scenic vistas into their chocolate creations. This partnership seeks not only to provide distinctive flavors but also to share the rich culture of various locales through their chocolate bars. Moreover, each cacao pod is carefully chosen for its unique genetic flavors, a testament to its origin and the environment it thrived in. This attention to detail ensures that every bite you take transports you to distant lands, letting you savor the rich, natural notes inherent in the cacao. Beyond its exquisite taste, Taste emphasizes the many health advantages of cacao, rich in antioxidants like flavanol, which bolster heart and brain health and even reduce stress. In essence, Taste117 offers more than just chocolate, it provides an experience that's both delightful and beneficial.


V Chocolates

V Chocolates, a celebrated confectioner in Salt Lake City, Utah, is known for its toffees, caramels, chocolate dipped fruit and truffles. Their artisanal approach has made them a favorite among locals. With a legacy of confectionery excellence, V Chocolates offers a diverse selection of gourmet chocolates, truffles, and unique gift boxes, perfect for any occasion.


Condie's Candies Co

At Condie's Canied Co, the art of chocolate-making has been perfected since 1924, blending tradition with innovation in each handcrafted piece. This family-owned treasure in Salt Lake City prides itself on using only the finest ingredients for its small-batch chocolates, ensuring freshness and quality. Notably, their pecan rolls have become a sensational favorite, offering a taste of indulgence that's hard to resist.


Harmons Grocery Store

Harmons, a staple in the Salt Lake City grocery scene, offers a curated selection of craft chocolates that cater to the tastes of connoisseurs and casual chocolate lovers alike. Their shelves boast an impressive range of artisan brands such as OmNom, Ritual, and MillCreek, highlighting Harmons' commitment to quality and diversity. This dedication extends beyond retail, providing customers with an immersive experience into the world of fine chocolate. 


Ritual Chocolate Factory, Cafe & Coffee Shop

Located in Park City Utah, Ritual Chocolate Factory, Cafe & Coffee Shop offers exceptional coffee and delicious, artisan chocolate by Ritual Chocolate. Here, visitors can witness the fascinating journey of chocolate, from bean to bar, in their open-concept factory, where transparency and quality take the forefront. The cafe serves up a variety of coffee drinks, each thoughtfully designed to complement the complex flavors of their in-house made chocolates. Whether you're looking to indulge in a rich, chocolatey treat, savor a brewed espresso, or simply enjoy the warm, inviting atmosphere, Ritual Chocolate Factory, Cafe & Coffee Shop offers a unique experience that marries the best of both worlds.




Wrapping up our tour of Salt Lake City's finest chocolate shops, it's clear that the city stands as a vibrant epicenter for chocolate aficionados. From the artisan mastery at Caputo's Market & Deli to the groundbreaking concoctions by Solstice Chocolate, Salt Lake City's chocolate scene is a testament to the area's dedication to excellence and innovation in chocolate making.

If you're unable to experience these confectionary delights firsthand, don't worry—our online chocolate store offers a slice of Salt Lake City's esteemed chocolate culture right to your doorstep. With a selection from these celebrated local artisans and beyond, we invite you to savor the flavors of the city's best chocolates, no matter where you are.

February 27, 2024