Chocolate's journey in Mexico is deeply rooted in history, dating back to the ancient civilizations of the Mayans and Aztecs, who revered the cacao bean as a gift from the gods, using it as currency and in rituals. This rich heritage has laid the foundation for Mexico's enduring relationship with chocolate, which remains a staple of culinary tradition and a proud symbol of cultural identity.

As we step into the world of Mexico's best chocolate brands, we honor the past while embracing the innovation that modern Mexican chocolatiers bring to the table. This blog aims to celebrate these contemporary chocolate artisans who, with a nod to tradition and a dash of creativity, are crafting some of the world's finest chocolate bars right here in Mexico. Join us as we uncover the bars that capture the essence of Mexican cacao and the hearts of chocolate lovers everywhere.

Mexico's Best Chocolate Brands

Mexican Chocolate History

Chocolate's history in Mexico stretches back to ancient Maya and Aztec times when cacao beans were valued for more than taste, they were currency and sacred offerings. Consumed mainly as a drink by the upper society, the beans were often combined with local spices. Spanish arrival introduced sugar, transforming the preparation and consumption of chocolate. This blend of old and new has evolved over time, and today's Mexican chocolate honors its storied past while embracing modern innovation. It stands as a testament to Mexico's historical relationship with one of its most significant contributions to global cuisine: the cacao bean.

The Best Mexican Chocolate Brands

In our curation of the best Mexican chocolate brands, we spotlight gourmet chocolate brands. These chocolatiers are distinguished by their commitment to quality, sourcing the finest local cacao to create chocolate that are not just treats, but a rich tasting experience. Join us as we delve into the brands that are redefining excellence in the world of Mexican chocolate.

Cuna de Piedra

Cunda de Piedra Comalcalco is a group of Mexicans who are passionate about cacao. Its mission is to raise the quality of life of everyone involved in the process, from those who grow and harvest the land, to those who consume their bars. Cuna de Piedra is a homage to Mexican cacao. Each one of their chocolates is a reflection of the best lesson Mother Nature has taught us: good things take time, but they are worth waiting for.

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Feliu Chocolate

Feliu Chocolate focuses on the unique characteristics of Mexican cocoa, selecting and processing each bean to highlight its individual qualities. Founded by Víctor Feliu, the brand has evolved from a single room to a full-fledged workshop in Guadalajara, maintaining close ties with cocoa producers in Chiapas and Tabasco. Feliu Chocolate has built a dedicated following by emphasizing quality, fair trade, and the story behind each bar of chocolate.

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Cielo Dentro

Cielo Dentro is dedicated to showcasing the essence of Mexican cacao through its rich history and distinctive aromas and flavors. Their chocolate-making process is a small-scale, passionate endeavor focused on preserving the true character of Mexican cocoa. They have forged strong ties with local cacao farmers, ensuring consistency and authenticity in their products. Cielo Dentro's commitment to quality is recognized in chocolate competitions worldwide, where their 100% Mexican chocolate has won accolades​.

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Each bar from our Kekao Box tells a part of this story, offering a curated experience of the finest chocolate bars for enthusiasts and connoisseurs alike. If your palate is intrigued by the distinctive flavors of Mexican cacao, we invite you to explore our Mexican Origin. Here, the legacy of Mexican chocolate continues, embodied in each bar that we proudly feature, ensuring that every bite conveys a piece of Mexico's rich cacao heritage.

November 06, 2023