The Best Chocolate Shops in Canada

Canada has some of the best chocolatiers in the world. Whether you are in the mood for craft chocolate bars or delicious hand made truffles the following shops are a must-visit for you to satisfy the sweet tooth.

Here is a list of the best chocolate shops in Canada.

 Canadian Chocolate Shop

The Chocolate Lab- Calgary, AB

The Chocolate Lab in Calgary, crafts some of the most vibrant and delicious truffles and bonbons. Their creations start with their passion for chocolate. Every chocolate creation is created by hand using fresh ingredients and old chocolatier tradition. 

The Chocolate Lab offers a different chocolate experience. Their lab brings an adventurous and youthful experience to luxury chocolate. Their approach is to explore and invent by taking chocolate to new heights and by pushing beyond ordinary experiences. They have been rewarded for their culinary skills winning multiple prizes at the Canadian Chocolate Awards.

Chocolate Lab

Alicja Confections- Ottawa, ON

Alicja Confections started in 2015 as a creative outlet for Alicja Buchowicz. As a child, she wasn't really a chocoholic, she could never find a flavour suited for her. With the help of her father who was a chocolatier, she started making her own chocolate creations.

Alicja uses classic chocolate making techniques with a twist. Every chocolate she makes is a new, weird, interesting, funky delicious flavour, unique to Alicja Confections. 

A couple of examples of her funky flavours include Cereal & Milk (white chocolate with cereal and marshmallow) & Ramen Bowl (milk chocolate with dried ramen).

Alicja's creativity doesn't end there, she also designs all of the packaging and they are a sight to see. 

Alicja Confections

Sweet Lollapalooza- Edmonton, AB

For more than a decade now, Sweet Lollapalooza has hand-crafted premium chocolates with the highest quality cacao. It was founded by Brett Roy a chef turned chocolatier.

The concept behind the chocolate shop is to produce fresh chocolates made by hand, using only the best ingredients, including some of the rarest chocolate on earth. Everything at the chocolate shop is made fresh daily and none of the chocolates include added preservatives, extra sugars, or other additives.

The quality Sweet Lollapalooza dedicates every day has awarded them with a multitude of chocolate awards internationally. They have been named one of the top 10 chocolatiers in North America. 

Sweet Lollapalooza

Chocosol Traders- Toronto, ON

ChocoSol is a craft chocolate maker, which is on the mission to craft revolutionary foods that are good for the mind, body, and soil. ChocoSol was founded in 2004, in Oaxacan, Mexico and has been making craft chocolate at its Toronto facility since 2006.

If you visit their chocolate shop in Toronto, you will have an opportunity to learn while you eat as they offer hands-on chocolate making workshops, perfect for any foodie or chocoholic.  

ChocoSol Traders

Nadège- Toronto, ON

If you ask a local Torontonian for a dessert recommendation, there is a high chance they will recommend Nadège. With good reason. Nadège selects the highest quality of chocolate from around the world to create sophisticated artisan chocolate desserts such as their dark chocolate bars and bonbons.

You don't have to be a chocolate lover to visit Nadège. They offer everything dessert, from luxurious cake creations to French pastries, something for everyone's sweet tooth.

Nadege Chocolate Shop

SOMA Chocolates- Toronto, ON

In 2003 David Castellan and Cynthia Leung had the idea of creating a small, funky chocolate factory, with the idea came SOMA. Fast forward to today, they have grown to two stores, a small chocolate factory, a network of wholesalers, and a small team of wonderful and talented people. The love and curiosity of chocolate motivate SOMA to continue making exceptional chocolate.

Most famous for their chocolate bars, SOMA makes a variety of chocolate goodies at their Toronto shop. From decadent hot chocolate shot glass to their extensive collection of truffles and cookies, SOMA's chocolate shop is a stop for delicious chocolate.

SOMA Chocolate Shop

Those Girls at the Market-Saskatoon, SK.

Two sisters Julianna and Ying Tan, are not your normal chocolatiers. Their background is in health and fitness and not chocolate. Weird? It makes sense. 

Their chocolates are focused on the bean cacao, the main ingredient of chocolate. An ingredient that contains a host of deeply nourishing and medical compounds. Using their first passion for health and fitness they create a relationship that focusses on thriving health. This combined with their passion for chocolate creates something delicious and nutritious.

Their chocolate uses simple core ingredients of organic cacao paste, and maple syrup. All of their chocolate is made with innovative flavours, such as sea-salted avocado, pineapple basil, and pomegranate coconut. 

Those Girls at the Market Chocolate Shop

Sweetness Chocolate Co- Windsor, ON.

Sweetness Chocolate Co is a relatively new craft chocolate maker from Windsor, On. Founded by Michèle Bowman a long-time passionate baker, Michèle makes both bean to bar, single-origin chocolate, and handcrafted bonbons. 

During the week Michèle creates her chocolate bars at her workshop in Windsor, her store is open for retail on Friday and Saturday. If you visit Michèle you can find her making a fresh batch of delicious cookies, but make sure to pick up one of her craft chocolate bars as well.

We had an opportunity to feature Sweetness Chocolate Co The Middle 68% as part of our 2019 October Kekao BoxThis chocolate bar is an inclusion bar from Sweetness Chocolate Co. Inspired by the Lebanese 7 spice mix, the bar bursts with flavor. When eating this bar your mouth will experience fireworks, with flavors lingering after each bite. It is one of the most flavourful bars we have tried.

Sweetness Chocolate Shop

CXBO- Toronto, ON.

CXBO is an acronym for Chocolates X Brandon Olsen. The shop is owned and operated by chef and chocolatier Brandon Olsen and fiancee Sarah Keenlyside who is the artistic inspiration for many of their colourful confections. Their chocolates are a reflection of their love of food and art.

Their confections feature unique flavours like ginger tea, pear and maple or pink lemonade. Not only are the confections unique in taste but in colour. All of the confections are designed in eye-catching vibrant colours. 

CXBO Chocolate Shop

AVANAA- Montreal, QC.

Avanaa, started after Cath a geologist visited Mexico and thought, why not make chocolate in Montreal? She soon left her job to pursue Latin America for the best cacao. She brought back the cacao she found to Montreal and started crafting chocolate bean to bar. 

When visiting AVANAA's chocolate shop in Montreal, you will have an opportunity to try their bean to bar craft chocolate, Cacao Husk Tea, drinking chocolate or freshly baked cookies!

Avanaa Chocolate Shop

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