Amedei Acero 95%

$13.99 USD

Amedei’s journey starts with foundress Cecilia Tessieri’s small artisanal laboratory and her commitment to excellence. A search that gradually developed through study, passion, and the rediscovery of ancient processing techniques. The raw cocoa pods selected by Amedei from plantations are harvested and sent directly to Tuscany, to be turned into true art pieces by their chocolatiers, who masterfully dose and hand-process a small number of selected ingredients.

Amedei challenges its philosophy and wisdom by creating a 95% dark chocolate with a strong and sweet taste. The absolute innovation of this product is the substitution of cane sugar with maple sugar, a precious ingredient with a sweetly refined taste obtained from the sap extracted from the Canadian maple plant.

Tasting notes: Maple

Weight: 50g

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