Manoa Oahu Island, Mililani 70%


The Hawaiian cacao of this single origin chocolate bar originates from Mililani Estate in central Oʻahu. This diverse 97-acre farm hosts crops of ulu (breadfruit), maiʻa (banana), avocado, kalo (taro) and 10 acres of cacao. Their first ever cacao harvest occurred in late 2019 as the trees turned three years old. The chocolate produced from this estate is some of the most bright and fruity we've ever made. After only a few months of being available, this bar has won multiple awards, including gold for Best Dark Chocolate at the prestigious Chocolate Alliance Awards
Tasting Notes

Cherry, Passion Fruit and Raspberry

Maker Information

Manoa Chocolate is a premium artisan chocolate brand, renowned for its rich, high-quality chocolates made from ethically sourced cacao. Each bar is crafted with meticulous care in Hawaii, capturing the unique flavors of the local terroir. Known for their sustainable practices and innovative flavors, Manoa Chocolate combines traditional techniques with exotic Hawaiian ingredients to create a luxurious chocolate experience. Their collection ranges from bold dark chocolates to creative flavor infusions, embodying the spirit of Hawaii in every bite.

Cacao Information

Country: USA (Hawaii)




Cacao, organic cane sugar, and cocoa butter.

Customer Reviews

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Phenomenal, a virtual assault of flavors

I had a tasting recently with 10 different 70% single-source chocolate bars. As always, there are different favorites, but by far this was acclaimed the best.
As you put the bite in your mouth, it begins: an array of lovely smells that become tastes, an almost overwhelming variety of flavors. If you like one-note chocolates, this is not for you. One taster asked, "is there alcohol in that?" and another replied, "it reminds me of my finest sipping whiskey."

If I had another couple of bars, I might be able to paint a flavor profile for you; suffice to say, it's terrific and I'm about to order several more.