It is undeniable France has great cuisine. The French baguette, ratatouille, pain au chocolat, croissant, escargot, cheese, and macaroon to name just a few French dishes. Let’s not forget about their wines and champagne. The rich history of French culinary innovations extends to chocolate-making. Some of the best chocolate makers in the world hail from France.

In this blog, we will focus on gourmet specialty chocolate makers with a particular focus on makers of chocolate bars.

The Best French Chocolate Brands

Akesson's Organic Chocolate

Akesson's Organic Chocolate is the first "Tree to Bar" chocolate maker. The Akesson family started with a single plantation in Madagascar. Today, Bertil Akesson has expanded the company's cacao network with plantations in Madagascar, Brazil, and Indonesia. If you tried craft chocolate or world-famous chocolatier chocolate, it likely came from one of Akesson's cacao plantations. Akesson's Organic Chocolate bars have won a multitude of awards and are regarded as one of the best craft chocolate bars on the market.

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Though he aspired to architecture and design, talents manifested in Chapon’s whimsical packaging - young Patrice was always drawn to gastronomy. When seven years old, he accompanied his wine broker father to some of the finest tables in Paris. As a young pastry chef, Chapon perfected sorbets and ice creams for Buckingham Palace. Inevitably, his true calling in chocolate came at age twenty-four, and he spent years procuring and restoring antique chocolate-making equipment. Now, with his five vintage shops in France and one in Tokyo, Chapon has crafted a lush fulfillment of his chocolate destiny.

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Valrhona Chocolate

Valrhona has been producing the world’s finest chocolate in the small village of Tain L’Hermitage, France, since 1922. From the beginning, company founder and pastry chef Albéric Guironnet was dedicated to the creation of unique, artisan-quality chocolate with complex, balanced, and consistent flavors. This mission of excellence continues as the gastronomic traditions of the renowned Rhone Valley find expression in every mouthwatering taste of Valrhona’s superb chocolate.

François Pralus Chocolate

As it goes with most French chocolate makers, Francois Pralus walks the line between dark roast and burned cacao. Imagine barbequed cacao. This season, Pralus’ Djakarta, Equateur, and Cuba are a revelation. Pralus offers a huge array of 75% dark bars with both rare and common origins. Weighing in at 100 grams, Pralus bars are one hell of a deal in the fine chocolate world. 

Michel Cluizel

Michel Cluizel has been a French Chocolate Manufacturer since 1948. For three generations, the Cluizel family has evolved amidst fragrances of chocolate. With the help of skilled Cacaofèviers, confectioners, and chocolate makers, the family carries on with their tradition, where everything started in Damville, Normandy. The Manufacture Cluizel developed a direct, sustainable relationship with cacao planters. 

Chocolat Bonnat

In 1884, Félix Bonnat created a specialized workshop in Voiron, France, transforming cocoa beans into chocolate and his talent and innovation brought him great success. His passion has been passed down through generations of parents and children who have continued to work together to provide the warmest welcome and the best taste and quality ever since. Today the company is led by great-grandson Stéphane Bonnat who travels throughout the world from Latin America to Africa and Asia, searching for the finest cocoa beans to transform into chocolate.

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23 novembre, 2022
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