Mesoamerica is widely considered the birthplace of the Theobroma, the beautiful tree that seeds cacao which we use to make chocolate. More recent archaeological studies suggest modern day Ecuador may be true place of origin of the Theobroma. The recent discovers have found ancient pottery dating back to 3,000 BC that contained cacao residues. Today, Ecuadorian cacao is renowned for its Ariba Nacional variety. This variety of cacao is rich in flavors and belongs to the criollo strain. In the early 20th century, the Nacional variety of cacao was nearly wiped out by disease, but a remnant population was rediscovered in 2007. This discovery has allowed for the revival of this heirloom variety, celebrated for its unique flavor and historical significance. With such rich history, Ecuador's single origin chocolate bars, offer a taste of rarity. Discover the best of these bars in this blog, each bar is rich in flavors that only Ecuadorian terroir can provide.

Ecuadorian Chocolate

Top Rated Single Origin Ecuadorian Chocolate

Amano Mango Chili 65%

Chili and chocolate are the perfect combination. The two have been paired together since the time of the Aztecs when they were used to create a wonderful and refreshing drink. The mango's fruity creaminess provides the perfect counterpoint to the chili's warmth. The two together have become a favorite snack worldwide. With this Mango Chili bar you will encounter not just the famous flavors of mango and chili peppers, you'll taste the award winning Guayas dark chocolate made with the finest beans out of Ecuador.

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LetterPress Costa Esmeraldas Ecuador 100%

LetterPress Chocolate's Costa Esmeraldas bar, crafted solely from a single ingredient, offers an unparalleled purity in its chocolate experience. This bar represents the essence of the Costa Esmeraldas cacao in its most unadulterated form, allowing the complex and nuanced flavors of the bean to shine through without any distractions. It's an exquisite exploration of flavor, making it a vivid showcase of the cacao's rich, natural profile.

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Cacao Sampaka Ecuador 100%

Cacao Sampaka's intensely bitter chocolate bar is crafted from high-quality cocoa that boasts a distinctively aromatic flavor. This bar epitomizes excellence in chocolate making, providing a robust and deeply satisfying experience for lovers of dark chocolate. Its singularly fragrant flavor profile makes it a standout, demonstrating the exceptional caliber of cocoa used in its production. This bar is ideal for those who appreciate the pure, potent essence of chocolate without any sweetness to mask its true character.

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Pump Street Ecuador Hacienda Limon White 44%

Made from pure Heirloom Cacao Preservation accredited cocoa beans from Samuel von Rutte's Hacienda Limon farm on the Guantupi River in Ecuador. A creamy, rich white chocolate made with cocoa butter pressed in house.

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Amedei Ecuador 77%

A round and elegant chocolate, with the explosive character of Ecuador that enhances the primeval cocoa notes. A lingering taste that combines hints of banana with a final note of toasted caramel.

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The legacy of Ecuadorian cacao, believed to be the ancient cradle of chocolate itself, is beautifully embodied in today's single-origin bars from the region. With its deep roots stretching back over 5,000 years. Dive into our carefully curated selection of Ecuadorian single-origin chocolate bars to experience a piece of Ecuadorian chocolate. Whether you choose to explore through our subscription box or select individual bars, each offers a unique entry into the world of fine chocolate. Discover our full collection and subscribe today to start your journey with the best of Ecuadorian chocolate.

29 avril, 2024