Akesson's Brazil Dark Milk 55%

$9.49 USD

Akesson's Organic Chocolate is the first "Tree to Bar" chocolate maker. The Akesson family started with a single plantation in Madagascar. Today, Bertil Akesson has expanded the company's cacao network with plantations in Madagascar, Brazil, and Indonesia. If you tried craft chocolate or world-famous chocolatier chocolate, it is likely that it came from one of Akesson's cacao plantations. Akesson's Organic Chocolate bars have won a multitude of awards and is regarded as one of the best craft chocolate bars on the market. 

Grown on a plantation tucked into an exceedingly biodiverse forest, this bar celebrates deeply flavored Brazilian cacao with the addition of naturally sweet milk. Centrally located in the Mata Atlantica in Bahia, Brazil, Akesson's grows Forastero beans on the historic Fazenda Sempre Firme plantation. They created a community referred to as 'Paraiso'(paradise) and grow the 'Parasinho' variety which has brought glory to Bahia.

Award: 2016 Academy of Chocolate Bronze Winner

Tasting notes: Woody, Sweet Cream, Rich Chocolate

Weight: 60g

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