Amano Ocumare 70%

$9.00 USD

Amano Artisan Chocolate is a small-batch craft chocolate maker based in Orem, Utah. Amano is an award-winning maker, they make all their chocolate on vintage equipment. Their small batch process allows Amano to control and observe flavor development, making each batch of chocolate not only delicious but unique.

On the central coast of Venezuela is a remote valley known as Ocumare de la Costa. Barely accessible for centuries, the Ocumare region is known for its superior Criollo cacao. Owner Art Pollard hand-selected the beans Amano uses in this bar in Ocumare for their pronounced plum and delicate floral notes that underscore their fine chocolate profile. The beans were carefully roasted in their antique cocoa roaster to deepen the inherent flavor. These are some of the finest beans Art has discovered and from which Amano has crafted chocolate you will appreciate.

Tasting notes: Plum, Smoke & Espresso

Weight: 85g

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