Cacaosuyo Piura w/ Nibs 70%

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“The best-kept secret of the Incas,” made at origin in Peru. Cacaosuyo are chocolate geeks’ elite rockstars. Minimally processed chocolate bars express each Peruvian cacao strain’s genetics in crystal clear surround sound. Their unrivaled attention to detail and direct trade practices are key in improving the lives of producers and preserving rare varietals that would otherwise be lost to more industrial, “productive” strains.

This 70% bar boasts bright, tropical citrus notes from Porcelana cacao. Intense fruitiness is balanced by a crunchy sprinkle of roasty cacao nibs. Made with rare Porcelana cacao and topped with roasted cacao nibs which contribute crunch and cacao flavor with no added sweetness.

Tasting notes: Yuzu, Tart, Bright, Sharp, Crunchy & Roasty Cacao

Weight: 70g

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