Cuna De Piedra Comalcalco Tabasco With Smoked Heirloom Chile 73%

$12.99 USD

Cunda de Piedra Comalcalco is a group of Mexicans who are passionate about cacao. Its mission is to raise the quality of life of everyone involved in the process, from those who grow and harvest the land, to those who consume their bars. Cuna de Piedra is a homage to Mexican cacao. Each one of their chocolates is a reflection of the best lesson Mother Nature has taught us: good things take time, but they are worth waiting for.

This bar showcases a Single-estate, Smoked Heirloom Chile from Amando Hernández’s land, located in La Defensa, an ejido from Yecuatla, in the state of Veracruz. Amando is a third-generation grower who sows, harvests, and smokes these chiles in his ranch “El Palmar”. He is one of the few stewards of the native Mexican chiles, as these are progressively being displaced by other higher-yield and genetically engineered varieties. While fresh, it is locally known as Chile Nativo Tres Lomos. After harvesting, which happens once every year, the chile’s heart and seeds are removed one by one manually, then preserved according to the traditional Meridional-Totonacapan method, a pre-Hispanic technique of smoking at ground level for three days in fruit-tree woods such as guava and wild cherry. Cuna De Piedra chose to combine this chile with cacao from Comalcalco Tabasco to create a complex, yet balanced tasting experience.

Tasting notes: Balanced

Weight: 60g