Manoa Manako Mango 70%

$8.99 USD

Manoa is a Hawaiian-based chocolate maker. Hawaii is the only state in the USA to grow cacao. The story of this maker began in the labs at the University of Hawaii in 2010 studying cacao as a crop for the state. Manoa started as college students with no money and bootstrapped their business with ingenuity and determination. 

About this Hawai'i Inspired Flavor: Historical accounts suggest Mangoes first arrived in the Hawaiian Islands before 1825. In Hawai’i, the fruit thrives with over 500 varieties across the islands! Mango season is a highlight of summer in Hawai’i and brings a pleasant sweetness to the heat. It is widely consumed fresh or preserved through pickling, chutney, and sauces.

Tasting notes: Tropical Fruit 

Weight: 60g

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