Markham & Fitz Ooh La Lavender 64%

Markham & Fitz Ooh La Lavender 64%

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Markham & Fitz started in 2014 when two University of Arkansas alumni Lauren Blanco & Preston Stewart pulled their savings together to buy chocolate making equipment. Markham & Fitz's mission is to celebrate people and the cacao bean. They practice sustainability like zero-waste initiatives, compostable and recyclable packaging, transparency in the supply chain, and sourcing high-quality cacao beans.

This bar features floral Patagonia honey blissfully blending with calming lavender and cocoa nibs to keep your mind at peace and thinking of chocolate. Pairs well with a glass of Riesling, a cup of herbal tea, or a daily dose of mindfulness.

Tasting notes: Floral, Honey & Vanilla

Weight: 57g

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