12 Month Chocolate Subscription Box Gift


Gift a year-long chocolate adventure with Kekao’s 12-month Chocolate Subscription Gift Box. Each curated box reveals a unique selection of 4 gourmet chocolate bars every month, delivering a delightful surprise to the recipient.

Our Chocolate Subscription Gift is more than just a monthly chocolate delivery, it's a journey through the finest chocolate realms, offering a variety of taste experiences that delight and excite with every unboxing.

Too much chocolate? No worries! The recipient can pause the subscription at any time, making it a flexible and thoughtful gift that adapts to their preferences.

After 12 months, the subscription will end, leaving the recipient with a year full of sweet memories and delightful chocolate experiences.

It's time to brighten someone's day! Print out a charming gift certificate and inform the lucky recipient that their fantastic chocolate gift is just around the corner.

Customer Reviews

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Brian Everhart
Satisfied customer

Excellent quality and variety of chocolates

Dzmitry Biazzubenkau

12 Month Chocolate Subscription Box Gift

Great Gift

Loved this gift.

Jane S.
Great but needs work

I purchased a 12 month subscription for my Dad, and I could have made a mistake (I ordered this months ago)-- but since the beginning I get the shipment notifications as well as the monthly "about your chocolate" emails.
- to be clear, it had a "recipient" mailing address, but I don't think it has a recipient email address slot, so I forward these to my Dad each month.
Really great gift. Would be better if I didn't have to forward him the info on it.

Great Gift

Receiving the this year long gift from Kekao has been a monthly pleasure. The chocolate bars curated in each box provided a unique experience, making the entire year feel like a continuous celebration.