As Mother's Day nears, it's time to think about ways to show the incredible moms in our lives how much they mean to us. What better way to express your love and appreciation than through the universal language of chocolate? This guide is dedicated to finding the perfect chocolate gift that speaks volumes of your affection. With a selection ranging from the richest dark chocolates to floral inclusions, each carefully chosen piece promises to deliver not just a treat for the taste buds but a heartfelt message of gratitude and love.

Is chocolate a good Mother's Day gift?

Chocolate is a great choice for a Mother's Day gift! It's not just about the flavor of fine chocolate but the sentiment behind selecting such a timeless gift. Chocolate offers an escape, a moment of pleasure, and when chosen with care, it reflects the depth of your appreciation and love. Opting for chocolates as a gift is a way to share a heartfelt and memorable gesture to honor the remarkable women in your life on her special day.

What are the most common gifts with Chocolate for Mother's Day?

Among the most cherished Mother's Day gifts you can pair your chocolate gift with: 

1. Heartfelt Cards: Express personal sentiments and heartfelt messages, symbolizing love and appreciation.
2. Vibrant Flowers: Offer beauty and fragrance, representing life and growth, a classic symbol of affection.
3. Spa Treatments: Provide relaxation and pampering, emphasizing care for her well-being.
4. Elegant Jewelry: Serves as a lasting reminder of love, signifying the preciousness of the relationship.
5. Personalized Keepsakes: Unique gifts tailored to her, reflecting thoughtfulness and personal connection.
6. Photo Albums: Preserve cherished memories, showcasing moments of joy and family history.
7. Dining Out: A treat to her favorite restaurant offers a break from the routine and a chance to indulge.
8. Experience Gifts: Activities or day trips provide quality time together, creating new memories.

The Best Chocolates for Mother's Day Delivered in 2024

3 Month Chocolate Subscription Box Gift

Surprise your loved one with a 3-month journey of gourmet chocolate discovery! Kekao's Chocolate Subscription Gift Box delivers four unique, handpicked gourmet bars each month, offering a diverse range of flavors and experiences. With the option to pause the subscription, it’s a flexible gift tailored to the recipient’s taste. After three months of delightful surprises, they'll have a collection of sweet memories and exquisite tastes. Plus, a charming gift certificate adds a personal touch to announce this thoughtful gift.

Other subscription durations include:

6 Month Chocolate Subscription Box Gift
12 Month Chocolate Subscription Box Gift

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Dick Taylor Vanilla Milk Chocolate 55%

This amazing Dick Taylor Vanilla Milk Chocolate, boasting a creamy 55% cacao blend, combines the finest Brazilian cocoa with organic A2/A2 milk for a luxuriously smooth texture. The addition of premium Madagascan vanilla beans accentuates its rich flavor profile, making it an exceptional Mother's Day gift that promises to indulge her senses with every bite.

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Raaka Pure Cacao & Strawberry & Coconut 80%

The Raaka Pure Cacao & Strawberry & Coconut 80% bar is a marvel of chocolate-making. Crafted without added sugar, its super dark chocolate delivers an ice cream-like melt, with a natural sweetness from strawberries that astonishes. This bar is a testament to Raaka's innovative approach, creating a luxurious, guilt-free indulgence perfect for gifting on Mother's Day.

Other Bars by Raaka for Mother's Day:

Raaka Rose Cardamom 70% (Limited Edition)
Raaka Pink Sea Salt 71%
Raaka Pink Sea Salt 71% Minis

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OmNom Sea Salted Toffee

OmNom's Sea Salted Toffee chocolate combines the nostalgic flavors of sweet and salty toffee biscuits with the richness of Icelandic milk, the depth of barley malt, and a touch of sea salt. This golden-hued treat offers a perfect balance of flavors, making it an ideal Mother's Day gift for moms who appreciate the classic taste of toffee with a sophisticated twist.

Other Bars by OmNom for Mother's Day:

OmNom Lakkrís + Raspberry

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Amano Raspberry Rose 55%

The Amano Raspberry Rose 55% bar masterfully blends the rich flavors of Ecuadorian dark chocolate with the delicate essence of raspberries and rose petals, offering a unique tasting experience. Small sugar crystals add a satisfying crunch, creating a symphony of taste that's both luxurious and true to its natural ingredients. This bar is a testament to Amano's dedication to quality and flavor, making it a perfect, thoughtful gift for Mother's Day.

Other Bars by Amano for Mother's Day:

Amano Dos Rios 70%
Amano Citrus Melange à Trois 63%

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Marou Ben Tre 78%

Marou's Ben Tre 78% is a blend of intensity and balance, sourced from the Ben Tre province in the Mekong Delta, where cacao grows amidst coconut groves. This bar embodies the unique terroir of its origin, offering a taste that is as rich and complex as the landscape from which it hails. A thoughtful gift for Mother's Day, it's perfect for those who appreciate the deep, authentic flavors of gourmet chocolate.

Other Bars by Marou for Mother's Day:

Marou Dak Lak 70%
Marou Ba Ria 76%

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Marou Ben Tre 78%

Cacaosuyo Piura Select 70%

A vibrant chocolate reminiscent of sweet tarts, the cacao for this bar is carefully selected and processed to preserve all of its vibrant, natural flavors. Made with rare Porcelana cacao from the Piura region, this chocolate offers abundant bright, tart, fruity notes and then settles into a more nutty, woodsy finish. This bar is an ideal gift for mother's who enjoy fine peruvian single origin chocolate.

Other Bars by Cacaosuyo for Mother's Day:

Cacaosuyo Lakuna 70%

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Cacaosuyo Piura Select 70%

Ritual Honeycomb Toffee 75%

Flying the Beehive state flag- locally sourced raw wildflower honey is used to make airy the toffee that is scattered atop Belize dark chocolate. Ritual wanted this bar to represent their home state of Utah. In doing so, they turned to Hollow Tree Honey for their careful sourcing of raw honey from hives across the Wasatch range. A thoughtful chocolate gift for mother's to celebrate Mother's Day, Spring and the nature Utah represents.

Other Bars by Ritual for Mother's Day:

Ritual Apres Chocolate, Champagne with Raspberries 70%
Ritual Juniper Lavender 70%

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Cacao Sampaka Roses and Strawberries White Chocolate

Creamy white chocolate dances with crisp dried strawberries and rose petals. The rose aroma enhances the bright berries with a pleasant crunch and lingering sweetness. Reminiscent of childhood fruity cereals with dried strawberries soaked in milk. The addition of rose comes through as an aroma and plays a supporting role in crispy strawberries and sweet white chocolate.

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Goodio Wild Blueberry 61%

This chocolate offers a unique blend, pairing the rich, luxurious depth of chocolate with the natural tartness of wild blueberries, handpicked from untouched wilderness. This combination not only marries the indulgent flavor of chocolate with the fresh, vibrant taste of blueberries but also brings a burst of antioxidant goodness, making each bite a delightful experience that's both gourmet and wholesome. 

Other Bars by Goodio for Mother's Day:

Goodio X Ivana Helsinki Caramelized Coconut 51% (Limited Edition)
Goodio Nordic Flavours, Metsä (Forest) 70%
Goodio Nordic Flavours Kukka (Flower) 69%
Goodio X Ivana Helsinki Red Berries 49% (Limited Edition)

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Manoa Flavors of Hawaii: Liliko'i x Passion Fruit Dark Milk 50%

A chocolate bar infused with the essence of Lilikoʻi, or passion fruit, makes a delightful Mother's Day gift. Its tangy flavor, reminiscent of the fruit's aromatic pulp and seeds, offers a taste of Hawaiian cuisine's heart. This bar combines exotic, vibrant flavors with the luxury of fine chocolate, making it an ideal way to show appreciation and bring a piece of tropical paradise into your mother's day celebration.

Other Bars by Manoa for Mother's Day:

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Manoa Flavors of Hawaii: Liliko'i x Passion Fruit Dark Milk 50%

Valrhona Grand Cru Abinao 85%

Valrhona's Grand Cru Abinao 85% chocolate is a sophisticated choice for Mother's Day, with its intense aroma and profound bitterness that showcases a blend of the finest cocoa. It's perfect for moms who appreciate the depth and complexity of high-quality chocolate, making it a memorable and indulgent gift.

Other Bars by Valrhona for Mother's Day:

Valrhona Grand Cru Guanaja 70%

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Taza Chocolate Mexicano Sampler 4-Pieace

The Taza Chocolate Mexicano Sampler is a delightful gift for Mother's Day, celebrating Oaxaca's culinary heritage with its unique stone-ground texture and robust flavor. This sampler by Taza chocolate, features Guajillo Chili, Cacao Puro, Cinnamon, and Vanilla flavors, is perfect for moms who love exploring traditional mexican chocolate experiences. 

Other Bars by Taza for Mother's Day:

Taza Chocolate Mexicano Sampler 8-Pieace
Taza Chocolate Mexicano Classic Collection 6-Pieace

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Rose & Pistachio 'Falooda' White Chocolate

The Rose & Pistachio 'Falooda' White Chocolate bar is inspired by the royal dessert Falooda. This unique bar from the Monsoon collection features a creamy white chocolate base, enriched with the textures of chia seeds, vibrant green pistachios, and crunchy rose candy. It's a transformation of a dessert historically reserved for royalty into a luxurious chocolate experience, making it a perfect treat to honor the queen in your life on her special day.

Other Bars by Mirzam for Mother's Day:

Mirzam Dark Chocolate Dates 9 Piece
Mirzam Spice Route Caramels
Mirzam Secret Spice Garden 62% Dark Chocolate Coated Oranges
Mirzam Ragag Dark Milk Chocolate with Arabic Bread 52%
Mirzam Emirati Collection Honeycomb Covered in 62%

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Rose & Pistachio 'Falooda' White Chocolate

Original Beans Piura Porcelana 75%


The Original Beans Piura Porcelana 75% chocolate bar is an exceptional choice for Mother's Day. Made from a rare white cacao, "nature’s delicious mistake," found in Peru's coastal desert, it offers a luxurious tasting experience with flavors of raspberry, dried prunes, and pecan. This chocolate not only delights with its unique taste but also connects the recipient to the exotic origins and conservation efforts, making it a thoughtful and sophisticated gift.

Other Bars by Original Beans for Mother's Day:

Original Beans Vegan Almond Milk Esmeraldas 50%

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Naive Rough Ground Organic Chocolate 75%

The Naive Rough Ground Organic Chocolate 75% is a perfect Mother's Day gift for those who seek adventure in their chocolate. Its unique presentation evokes the essence of sub-tropical nights, offering an immersive tasting experience that combines the intense aromas and flavors of the jungle. This chocolate invites your senses on a journey, making it an ideal gift for mothers who appreciate the beauty of nature and the depth of artisan chocolate.

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Cuna De Piedra Comalcalco Tabasco With Hibiscus Flowers 73%

The Cuna De Piedra Comalcalco Tabasco with Hibiscus Flowers 73% chocolate bar is an exceptional Mother's Day gift that celebrates deep-rooted cultural heritage and a profound connection to nature. Infused with aromatic hibiscus flowers cultivated by the indigenous Me'Phaa community, this bar is a testament to their centuries-old devotion to Mother Earth. 

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It's clear that each bar in our blog is more than just a treat; it's a gesture of love, a moment of indulgence, and a way to make this special day unforgettable. From the creamy sophistication of Dick Taylor Vanilla Milk Chocolate to the exotic flavors of Naive Rough Ground Organic Chocolate, these chocolates offer a perfect blend of luxury, flavor, and heartfelt sentiment. Dive into our full Mother's Day chocolate collection and the Kekao Box for an even wider selection of premium chocolates, ensuring your gift this year is as unique and special as the mother figure in your life.

March 29, 2024
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